IP66 camera

IP cameras are modern security systems used in residential and commercial buildings. Since they are mainly used outdoors, camera housing is constructed to protect them from adverse weather conditions such as fog, heavy rain or fluctuating temperature. Take for instance, IP66.

Despite all these efforts, fogging remains a major problem affecting their effectiveness and performance. This is common in low temperature environments.

Foggy Camera 4

To capture clear and quality videos, you need to install an anti-fog solution that eliminates fogging completely. Apparently, you can choose either anti-fog coating or anti-fog film for IP camera lenses.

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IP Camera Lenses Anti fog solution

Without a permanent anti-fog solution for IP cameras, you will be forced to wipe these lenses to capture clear images and videos.

Foggy Camera

Benefits of anti-fog films/coatings for IP camera lens

This anti-fog solution is popular due to the following main reasons

100% quality guaranteed

Installing anti-fog film or coating will ensure that the IP camera lens remains clear all year round. Ideally, it provides a practical solution to fogging problem. Again, it does not affect the intrinsic properties of these lenses. That is, you can remove and replace it with another but still, the camera lens will maintain its original properties.

Permanent fog resistance

IP camera lenses will not fog at all. This makes it a perfect choice for humid, warm, temperate and cool environments. Again, to enhance its performance, it has anti-scratch and chemical resistance properties.

Tested and approved for all optical surfaces

Cameras depend on light to capture images. Light transmission is not affected in any way. That is, there is no diffusion, refraction, loss in transmission or reflection. It doesn’t matter whether your camera lens is made from glass, acrylic or polycarbonate. The camera will be able to capture the images as they are.

Eco-friendly and meets required quality standards

The anti-fog coating and anti-fog films meet the strict ASTM and EN quality criteria. Moreover, they are environmentally friendly thus, considered sustainable.

What is anti-fog solution for IP camera lenses made of?

These are mainly hydrophilic films and coatings. Unlike the traditional technology that could limit their ability to provide a good anti-fog solution, these are more advanced.

That is, initially, you could reapply the anti-fog coating with hydrophilic ingredients after a given period of time. Now, this is not the case, once applied, it will not dissolve water thus, guarantees optimal performance all year round.

camera with anti fog coating

Basically, hydrophilic are water loving ingredients – they have a high water affinity. That is, they reduce surface tension of water thus, water spreads into a thin transparent film. In short, there will be no fog on your IP camera lenses.

Normally, all you need is to bind the anti-fog film or anti-fog coating on the surface of your IP camera lens.

Anti fog lens for IP camera

With this new technology, you won’t require any other anti-fog product, this will be enough.


Fog is a major problem even in the IP camera lenses. It is important that you invest in either anti-fog films or anti-fog coatings that offer a permanent anti-fog solution. The hydrophilic anti-fog solutions have proved to be a perfect choice for this. This is the only sure way to eliminate fog.

If you face fogging problem of the IP camera , freely contact out support team to find a anti fog solution.