Mirror Cut to Size

Mirror Cut to Size


WeeTect mirror cut to size (WMCS) is a service we provide to valuable customers who require custom cut mirror with accurate sizes, thicknesses and colors. We will use laser cutting or CNC machining depends on the accuracy of the plastic mirror. If you have interests on special requirement for acrylic mirrors, polycarbonate mirrors or other plastic mirrors, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Compare with other mirror cut to size supplier, WeeTect mirror cut to size (WMCS) boasts more accurate and smoother edge as we are using laser cutting and CNC machining. WeeTect mirror cut to size (WMCS) is applicable to products such as wall mount mirror, rolling stand mirror, sanitary stand mirror, acrylic mirror tiles, folding mirror, ceiling tiles mirror, two way mirror, television mirror, customized mirror, and more.

Advantages WeeTect mirror cut to size :

  • More accurate sizes
  • More custom flexible
  • Competitive price
  • Fog and scratch resistant as an option
  • Great mirror affection
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