Polycarbonate Mirror

Polycarbonate Mirror


WeeTect polycarbonate mirror (WPM) is made from high end polycarbonate mirror sheet. It offers excellent mirror affection, fog-free time, impact resistance, and optical clarity. It is popularly used for unbreakable mirrors, polycarbonate convex mirror and where need extremely high impact resistance. WeeTect also offer service for plastic mirrors cut to size.

WeeTect polycarbonate mirror (WPM) excels in shatterproof, excellent impact resistance and abrasion resistance. And it also can be coated with different vivid colors. With a long life guarantee, WeeTect helps your business reduce significant costs.

WeeTect polycarbonate mirror (WPM)) is applicable to products such as wall mount mirror, rolling stand mirror, sanitary stand mirror, folding mirror, ceiling tiles mirror, two way mirror, television mirror, customized mirror, and more.

Advantages of WeeTect polycarbonate mirror :

  • Unbreakable
  • Flame retardant
  • Fog and scratch resistant
  • Custom sizes, thicknesses and colors available
More Details
Raw MaterialThickness (mm)Size (mm)Properties
Polycarbonate Sheet0.25mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Polycarbonate Sheet0.5mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Polycarbonate Sheet0.8mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Polycarbonate Sheet1.2mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Polycarbonate Sheet1.5mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Composite with Acrylic Sheet3mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity
Composite with Acrylic Sheet5mm915*1830mmOptical Clarity


PhysicalSpecific Gravityg/cm31.2
Water Absorption Equilibrium, 24 Hrs%0.35
Elongation Ultimate%>90
Impact Strength @ 10milsIn-ibs120
Tensile StrengthMpa60
Tear Strength PropagationG/mil>30
Specific HeatCal/groc0.35
ElectricalDielectric StrengthV/mil1,700
Volume Resistanceohm/cm3>1016
Surface Resistanceohm/cm2>1015
OpticalLight Transmittance%>90
ThermalVicat Softening Temperatureoc135
Heat Shrinkage%<0.2
Flame RetardantUL FlammabilityNormalV2


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