1mm Polycarbonate Sheet


If you need a manufacturer for your next 1mm polycarbonate sheet purchase, don’t go far from WeeTect. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of 1mm polycarbonate sheets with profound history and experience.  A reliable provider of any polycarbonate sheet finishes in China.

WeeTect can custom 1mm polycarbonate sheets with different properties, designs, shapes, and colors. WeeTect 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets are extremely thin and lightweight but it obtained the useful qualities of polycarbonate such that its strength, impact resistance, weather resistance, and durability.

With the material being lightweight, you can feel at ease in handling, installing, and transportation. So, no need to worry! We can provide a wide range of 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets perfect for your project. This makes our product a good choice for you.

Our WeeTect 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets are highly versatile and flexible with good resistance to cracks or tears. Its unique properties make it functional in many sectors. Nowadays, it is used for a variety of purposes including residential, commercial, industrial, or household uses.

Some of its major applications include glazing, street furniture, roof domes, lighting, vending machines, security components, construction, automotive and aircraft components, and signage. You will find that 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets makes also the ideal material for swimming pools, doors, showers, windows, and many others.

You can install these WeeTect 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets in areas where wind, hail, rain, stone, and snow are a norm with harsh weather circumstances.

Furthermore, WeeTect 1mm Polycarbonate Sheet`s thin size allows maximum light to pass through while at the same time helps protect against unfavorable radiation.

At WeeTect, we hold the complete manufacturing capabilities which include anti-fog anti-scratch PC sheet coating, polycarbonate machining, polycarbonate cut to size, polishing polycarbonate, thermoforming polycarbonate, silkscreen on polycarbonate, assembly, and more.

So, when choosing the best 1mm polycarbonate sheet, always count on WeeTect. As an ISO9001 authenticated manufacturer in China, we are capable to produce a broad range of 1mm polycarbonate sheets for your large orders. We have multiple 1mm polycarbonate sheet in our CE certified facilities ready for the moving process.

For your orders, WeeTect will provide a free sample for your 1mm polycarbonate sheet for you to check the durability and quality. In WeeTect, obtained the finest quality 1mm polycarbonate sheet at a very cost-effective rate.

We can provide various sizes of your polycarbonate requirements. Whether you`re in need of a 0.5mm polycarbonate sheet, 3mm polycarbonate sheet, 4mm polycarbonate sheet, or any specific size, WeeTect can provide almost all of your necessities that can skyrocket your brand.

Please feel free to contact us whenever you want a satisfying 1mm polycarbonate sheet for your project. We have experienced staff that can assist you 24/7.

What Makes WeeTect 1mm Polycarbonate Sheets So Unique?

  • Weather and Fire Resistance
  • Resistance to Impact
  • Recyclable
  • Cost-effective Sheets
  • Easily to clean, machine and cut
  • Withstand extreme pressure or force
  • Transparent and insulates better than glass
  • UV-resistant
  • Sound resistant
More Details

1mm polycarbonate sheets Manufacturing Process

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