2mm Polycarbonate Sheet


Having a hard time searching for the most durable 2mm polycarbonate sheets? You can find it here in WeeTect. As a professional polycarbonate sheet manufacturer, we are capable of fabricating all types of polycarbonate sheets specifically 2mm polycarbonate sheets.

For more than 20 years in the field, we guarantee the right 2mm polycarbonate sheet perfect for your applications. We offer custom 2mm polycarbonate sheet with your specific shapes, designs, coatings, etc. Compared to glass, it is lighter in weight making it easier to move and easier to mold into any angle and shape according to your stipulations.

Our 2mm polycarbonate sheets are available in various colors. Choose from matte grey 2mm polycarbonate sheet, naturally transparent 2mm polycarbonate sheet, plain black 2mm polycarbonate sheet, and many more.

WeeTect 2mm polycarbonate sheets have earned wide popularity in the world market due to its high flexibility and resistance to many conditions.

You can use 2mm polycarbonate sheets for a variety of commercial and household purposes including window glazing, enclosures, exhibits and displays, building and manufacturing, and so on.

These sheets are also recommended for greenhouses because it has heat and UV resistant features that can withstand severe weather caused by the sun. Since these are highly resistant to temperature, chemicals, water and shockproof, it widely applies in hospitals, schools, commercial roofs, swimming pools, and bus stands, and other applications.

Moreover, virtually unbreakable and lightweight 2mm polycarbonate sheets are easy to install. You can use our 2mm polycarbonate sheets for long-lasting years for safety and protection as well.

We ensure that all WeeTect 2mm polycarbonate sheets have conformed to BS476/7 fire-rated and Class 1Y level of protection. WeeTect holds strict quality control over our products to guarantee safe, effective, and tough 2mm polycarbonate sheets.

WeeTect team has complete capabilities to thermo-formed, drilled, cut-to-size, mold polycarbonate sheet for your specification fulfillment. Whether you fit them in both outdoor or indoor areas, WeeTect 2mm polycarbonate sheet will never disappoint you! For any types of sheeting applications, our 2mm polycarbonate sheet is right for you!

Not only 2mm polycarbonate sheets are available in our CE certified facilities. We also fabricate an extensive range of 0.5mm polycarbonate sheets, 1mm polycarbonate sheets, 3mm polycarbonate sheets, 4mm polycarbonate sheets, and more.

Just send your polycarbonate sheet requirements today, and we`ll manufacture them for you.

WeeTect 2mm polycarbonate sheets benefits:

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2mm Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturing Process

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