Acrylic Aquarium


  If you require an acrylic aquarium for your application and business, ask Weetect to provide for you. Our acrylic aquarium works as a great aid in catching people`s attention. Also, these are suitable in many applications, such as in hotels, hospitals, offices, schools, homes, or even at shops. An ideal product since it can relieve stress and provide relaxation for many people in your area.

  Because of the acrylic aquarium’s excellent clarity, fishes in it can be clearly seen. To be exact, these acrylic aquariums refer to a type of artificial aquatic ecosystem made from 100% acrylic. These are available in different sizes, used typically for displaying and keeping a wide range of animals and aquatic plants. Therefore, it allows you to see the varying species carefully. These are great to display respective animals for entertainment and educational purposes.

  Weetect acrylic aquarium is well-known for it is lightweight and easy to fabricate. Due to its weight, they can be transferred easily to any location you desire. Its high flexibility also let us manufacture and cut sheets into any formation you want for your tank orders. For these reasons, lots of customers preferred acrylic aquarium over a glass-made aquarium. What`s more, it offers advantages to your business.

  For its features, all aquariums made from acrylic offers greater resistance to shatter and abrasion. Our engineering team can also create different styles to match your home and offices` interior design. These may be with colored backgrounds which results in stunning and attractiveness to this product. 

  In Weetect, you could receive the best quality acrylic aquarium for your business and property additions. Compared to glass tanks, the acrylic aquarium manufacturing cost is way more affordable.

  Based in China, Weetect is one of the best acrylic aquarium manufacturers that can completely handle your orders. Along with our craftsmen’s knowledge and experiences, we make sure that our output products will stand out. We promise to only provide you the best acrylic aquarium.

Benefits of Weetect Acrylic Aquarium:

  • Non-corrosive Material
  • Higher Optical Clarity
  • More lightweight
  • Sturdiest Construction
  • Easier to Maintain
  • Easier to Fabricate
  • Immense Resistance to Impact
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Manufacturing Process

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