Acrylic Bar Stools


Weetect is one of the best manufacturers of acrylic bar stools in China. We have a full capacity to manufacture a wide range of acrylic bar stools. As a professional manufacturer, Weetect can provide you total solution for your business needs.

At Weetect, we manufacture high-quality acrylic bar stools for any contemporary bar set-up. Weetect acrylic bar stools will make your space a modernized look. You can also use Weetect acrylic bar stools as a breakfast bar. All Weetect acrylic bar stools are suitable for a modern kitchen interior.

Weetect manufactures acrylic bar stools with clear finish. Its transparent finish gives a clean, cool, and minimalistic design. However, if you want a colored acrylic bar stools, we can also manufacture for you! Send us your specific color details. Our professional team will help and guide you throughout the entire process.

Weetect acrylic bar stools are also incorporated with a wide range of frames and legs that are made from high-quality materials. These will help in accentuating the beautiful silhouette and appearance of your acrylic bar stools.

Additionally, our acrylic bar stools are available in fixed and adjustable legs. It also comes with different sizes and designs. Both sizes and designs are customizable according to your specifications. All our acrylic bar stools are built-to-last and well-constructed. It helps in boosting your interior with sophistication and elegance.

At Weetect, all our acrylic bar stools are processed under modern technology and advanced acrylic fabrication techniques. We also adhere to international quality standards. Therefore, you can assure that all our acrylic bar stools are durable.

Aside from that, Weetect also offers favorable prices without compromising our product’s quality. We also have professional team to offer you 24/7 services. We will give you assistance from the start of our transaction until the end. Indeed, Weetect can be your trusted business partner!

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Benefits of Weetect Acrylic Bar Stools:

  • Boosts elegance and sophistication to any interior design
  • Cool, clean, and minimalistic design
  • Customizable designs and sizes
  • Simple and modern design
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