Acrylic Block


Weetect is an outstanding manufacturer and supplier of high-quality acrylic block in China. We supply a wide range of acrylic blocks to large or small businesses. Weetect produces superior grade acrylic blocks with advanced features to bring benefits to your business.

Our acrylic blocks are available in different thickness, sizes, and colors. These are also available in different finish options for you. You can also send us your specific sizes and thickness options so we can customize your orders.

Weetect acrylic blocks also comes with different shape variations. We have square, rectangular, and more shapes. If you have a specific shape in mind, you can send it to us so we can manufacture according to your specifications. We have a skilled engineers and team to guide you from the start to the end of our acrylic block fabrication processes.

Our acrylic blocks feature a photographic back mounted print. These are best as your bookshelf or desk decorations. These are always the best choice as your on-the-go artwork. All our acrylic blocks are hand polished to achieve `a crystal clear finish.

For many years, Weetect is a professional acrylic block manufacturer in China. If you are looking acrylic blocks for your business, Weetect is your best choice! We can provide you one-stop solution to your needs. We have a world-class technology to produce a wide range of acrylic blocks. Our acrylic blocks are strictly monitored by our professional quality control team. Thus, you can assure that we have the best acrylic block.

Aside from acrylic block, we also manufacture acrylic furniture, acrylic chairs, acrylic coffee tables, acrylic manifolds, and more. Weetect is surely your best partner for your acrylic block needs! Inquire now for your next acrylic block orders!

Why Weetect is a trusted manufacturer of acrylic block

  • One-stop solution provider
  • World-class technology and quality
  • Professional team
  • Competitive price and excellent customer service
  • Innovative and unique products
More Details

Manufacturing Process

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