Acrylic Box with Lid


Are you looking for a high-quality box with lids? Acrylic is the best material for manufacturing this product. An excellent alternative to glass, an acrylic box with lids has great properties including high impact strength and lightweight.

Worries no more! WeeTect is a leading acrylic manufacturer and supplier located in China. We hold complete capabilities of acrylic fabrication. For more than 20 years, we are specialized in creating second-to-none products and continuously providing reliable services worldwide. Here, you can avail of our acrylic box with lids at a very economical rate.

An acrylic component in making boxes with lids is a very tough and durable plastic material that has many residential and commercial applications. An acrylic box is a finish manufactured from strong acrylic sheets, which provides several benefits to the users.

WeeTect Acrylic Box with Lid is useful and has a better aesthetic feature. You can utilize it for storage and creative purposes. The lid on the acrylic box gives additional impact and functionality to the box. It is made durable and beautiful. These provide a practical mode of displaying or storing stuff by protecting these stored items.

When it comes to maintaining the glossy and aesthetic surfaces of WeeTect Acrylic Box with Lid, you can feel at ease. WeeTect acrylic box with lid is easy to clean. Plus, it`s capable to withstand harmful circumstances. Compared to other materials, WeeTect Acrylic Box with Lid has superior weathering characteristics.

WeeTect can personalize your ideal acrylic box with lid needs. We can make multiple level products with advanced technologies and acrylic surface coatings. Even for large orders, WeeTect is competent in providing you the right one. Just send your exact specifications, and we`ll handle the rigorous fabrication process.

Whether you need an acrylic box with a lock, a large or small acrylic box, or an acrylic countertop display case, you can always count on WeeTect.

For your inquiries, don’t hesitate to send your messages now. We are happy to serve you!

Our WeeTect Acrylic Box with Lid advantages:

  • Provides outstanding strength, stiffness
  • Up to 17 times the impact resistance of ordinary glass
  • Offers optical clarity & transparency
  • Superior weathering properties
  • Highly resistant to different temperature and many various chemicals
  • Cost-effective
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Acrylic Box with Lid Manufacturing Process

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