Acrylic Box with Lock


  If you are looking for perfect transparent storage solutions, look no more! Weetect offers a lot of options for an acrylic box with locks so you can choose the right design to fit your applications. Assume further benefits to come forward when you add Weetect Acrylic Box with Lock (WABL) for your business!

  Besides the security it can provide, our acrylic boxes with different locks are also perfect to display. Only Weetect is the manufacturer who can deal with your urgent orders for an acrylic box with locks. And to boom your brand, you should include our unique acrylic box with locks to display.

  There are many ways Weetect can help you! They can provide limitless stocks of the acrylic box with locks for customers, based on each requirement. Plus, we also have complete production lines so we can deliver and produce your acrylic box with locks on time.

  In Weetect, you can also find wide selections of locking lid designs for your ideal acrylic box. And apart from that, our acrylic box with a lock is good to add for retail markets. They make a larger size of dump bins which ideally used in homes and offices to safely keep files. Weetect acrylic boxes with locks supply safe-covered storage advantages.

   By having an acrylic box with locks for your business, products inside will be kept away from thieves. Products you may put inside the box may involve pieces of money, jewelry, electronics, accessories, and so on. To make sure they will tightly safe, the acrylic box with a lock from Weetect is perfect enough.

  We manufactured acrylic box with lock bullet-proof feature, anti-fingerprint stains, break-proof, and 200X durable than glass-made. When you purchase acrylic or polycarbonate products from our market, you surely be satisfied with the various quality characteristics it can offer.

  We can guarantee you that our products will bring a better impact on your business!

 For more questions regarding Weetect Acrylic Box with Lock, contact us! We can`t wait to work with you.

Weetect Acrylic Box with Lock Benefits:

  • Extremely Applicable in Retail Environments
  • Gives sleek and safe protections for high-value items
  • Sturdy and More Convenient to use
  • Lightweight yet Very Strong
  • Anti-scratch Properties
  • Higher Shatter-resistant


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Acrylic Box with Lock Manufacturing Process

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