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When you need a reliable manufacturer that provides high-quality acrylic products, WeeTect is a good choice. You can truly depend on Weetect for the latest acrylic boxes, which are available in many varieties. No matter you`re an acrylic box distributor, wholesaler, or retailer, Weetect is your excellent solution provider and always be your perfect business partner. We have lots of experiences to skyrocket your brand.

Weetect Acrylic Box (WAB) is also known as a plexiglass box, Lucite box, and Perspex box. Acrylic Box has a higher break-resistant feature compare to common boxes, thus shatterproof as well.

Among other manufacturers, Weetect has greater capabilities to manufacture acrylic products, including the acrylic box.  Those capabilities include acrylic box cut to size,  acrylic coating, acrylic polishing, acrylic machining, drilling acrylic, acrylic thermoforming, and screen printing on acrylic.

Weetect Acrylic Box (WAB) is manufactured using multifaceted acrylic sheets and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). PMMA material is a plastic material consisting of one or more than one derivative of acrylic acid. However, Acrylic box is useful for a variety of applications, can be used as a display stand, as a simple bin, food storage, and as an organizer. For business retailers or wholesalers, the acrylic box is one of the important products for promoting your products. In Weetect, there are wide choices of acrylic boxes available for you to choose from.

To get more information about our acrylic box, contact our team directly and without hesitation. We have full capabilities and skilled staff allowed us to manufacture and create designs that can satisfy your needs and meet your specifications. All our products are cost-effective and made to meet your standards.

Weetect is the perfect manufacturer you should choose for your acrylic box orders. Grant Weetect to support your business today! A brighter future for your business awaits you.

Our Weetect Acrylic Box (WAB) advantages:

  • Weetect Acrylic Box (WAB) protects items from dust and damages
  • A perfect product to place your important stuff in life
  • Offer total transparency which displays excellent dimensional stability
  • Easy to clean and sturdy to use
  • Durable with stylish looks and ideal impact strength
  • Weetect Acrylic Box (WAB) is also lightweight
  • Acrylic boxes from WeeTect are strong tend to have longevity
  • Resistant to weather and resistance to UV rays


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Acrylic box

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