When it comes to organizing your space, acrylic box is your dependable ally. You might be thinking, “What sets acrylic boxes apart among others ?” Well, you’ll be amazed at the value acrylic brings to table as you read this article.

Acrylic boxes are containers made of a transparent plastic material called acrylic. You can also call it plexiglass or Perspex.

Benefits of acrylic boxes


Acrylic provides excellent and clear visibility. It allows you to view its content without any hindrance. You can display your artifacts, jewelries and any other product of your choice.


 Acrylic is highly durable. It has incomparable impact resistance. This makes it your go-to choice to display your fragile and delicate items.


You can easily move these  boxes from one place to another. In situations when you need to move your boxes around, you will be glad to have value for your pay.


Acrylic is versatile. It finds applications in a broad spectrum of settings. All you need to do is to name your desired product. Acrylic will always come through. This ranges from indoor to outdoor applications.


 Acrylic is easy to clean. It’s essential that you clean it with specialized acrylic soaps or mild cleaning materials. This helps make it look new for a long time.

UV resistance

 Acrylic has inbuilt protection from ultraviolet rays. This is more beneficial when you use acrylic for outdoor activities. The appearance remains the same without fading.

Types of Acrylic Boxes

5 sided boxes

 You can particularly use these boxes to display your products and fish (aquarium) at your workplace or in your office. In the same vein, you can display your artifacts and collections in your showrooms and galleries. 

Clear Acrylic Boxes

These are the most basic acrylic boxes. They come in rectangular or square shapes. They have different sizes and colours. We can offer customized services to suit your business needs.

Storage boxes

 They can be arranged into compartments or shelves. These boxes will conveniently house your cosmetics, office stationery and accessories.

Shadow boxes

This is a deeper version of display boxes.  Its design allows it to house and display 3-dimensional objects such as medal and award plaques.

Suggestion boxes

 They are also known as donation or ballot boxes. They are characterized by an opening at the top. You can use them in your organization to receive feedback. You can also use them to receive donations. More interestingly, these will come handy in your electoral process at any level.

Custom Boxes

Custom boxes can easily be configured to meet your requirements and specifications. It features unique shapes and colours to suit your preference. They can be remolded into several items of your choice like: acrylic cups, acrylic bins, acrylic chairs , acrylic shelves , acrylic balcony panels and acrylic drawers. The list is endless.

Applications of Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic boxes have numerous applications across various industries. These include: 

Museums and Galleries

You’ll mostly come across acrylic boxes when you visit museums and galleries. Museums display their monuments, artifacts and memorabilia in acrylic boxes. The display of artworks in acrylic boxes gives you a vantage view with no obstruction.

Retail Display

As customers step into your retail store, they’ll be drawn to the captivating displays in acrylic boxes. Acrylic boxes showcase your electronics, cosmetics, accessories and an endless list of products . They allow your customers to admire and engage with your products. This ultimately enhances their shopping experience. 

Office organization

 Acrylic boxes bring elegance to your office. They organize your files,office stationery and accessories with clarity and style. They serve as literature displays and brochure holders in reception rooms. With their transparent design, acrylic boxes offer instant visibility. With acrylic boxes, you can transform your office into a sanctuary of glamour.

Trade shows and exhibition

 In trade show booths and exhibitions, presenters make use of acrylic boxes to showcase their promotional materials. Acrylic boxes help you create visually appealing displays. These displays attract attention and highlight the features of your showcased items.

Hospitality Industry

 Acrylic boxes bring its aesthetic on board in the hospitality industry . Acrylic boxes make perfect centerpieces, table displays, or gift boxes at every event . Acrylic boxes also serve as donation boxes at charity events or fundraisers, collecting contributions effortlessly.

Food and beverage industry

Acrylic boxes beautifully showcase baked goods, chocolates, candies, and other treats in bakeries and confectionery shops. Acrylic boxes are commonly used as beverage dispensers and ice buckets in foodservice establishments. They add both functionality and style to your service.

Healthcare Industry

Acrylic boxes are ideal for holding medical instruments, gloves, masks, specimens , and other essential medical items. With acrylic boxes, you add easy visibility and accessibility to your medical supplies, equipment, and samples. Seamlessly, acrylic boxes streamline your operations and enhance your efficiency.

Educational Institutions

Acrylic boxes are perfect for displaying your student projects, scientific models, or educational materials. This enhances learning environments. Also, acrylic suggestion boxes are handy tools for collecting feedback or suggestions from both students and staff. This fosters communication and engagement.

Sport memorabilia

Acrylic boxes help display and protect sports memorabilia. This includes autographed items, jerseys, balls and trophies. Acrylic boxes effectively preserve these cherished possessions while enabling you to showcase and appreciate them.

Aquarium and vivarium

Acrylic boxes are an ideal choice for the construction of your aquariums and vivariums. This is because of its superb transparency and water resistance. With acrylic boxes, you can create transparent tanks or enclosures for fish, reptiles, or other aquatic or terrestrial animals.

Factors you should consider when choosing your acrylic boxes 


 Before you decide to go for acrylic, you must have a purpose in mind. This is the most crucial step that you must consider when choosing your acrylic box. It is your purpose that will guide every other factor. It’s your purpose that will guide the size, thickness and budget of whatever acrylic boxes you’ll opt for.


Acrylic comes in different sizes and dimensions. You have to consider the size and dimension that will suit your needs. The size and dimension that will suit a display box differs from that of a storage box. Your decision on the size you need will help you get an acrylic box that will serve your purpose effectively.


Acrylic comes in sheets and panels. All these come with different levels of thickness. You must consider these levels of thickness in line with your intended use. You’ll have an improper fraction of acrylic box when you choose to pick a thin box to carry heavy items. Invariably, you should consider the weight of the items your acrylic box will carry when deciding the thickness of your acrylic box. 


 One of the distinct properties of acrylic is excellent visibility. However, you should have it in mind that the quality of clarity differs for the different types of acrylic boxes that we have. You must consider the appropriate visibility that goes in line with your intended use of the box, when choosing your acrylic box. This will make your box serve your purpose to your satisfaction .

Customization options

 Acrylic can be remolded and reconfigured to your desire and preference. For your exquisite demands and options, consult a manufacturer that offers customization options with acrylic.


Compare and contrast your budget with respect to the quality, value and satisfaction that comes from choosing acrylic.

Brand reputation and reviews

There are numerous suppliers who will not give you value for your money when you choose acrylic. The problem isn’t your choice of acrylic but your choice of supplier. At Weprofab, we bring our expertise and long years of experience on board. We have the resources and manpower to create and tailor your acrylic box to your taste and preference. Our outstanding customer reviews precedes our high quality delivery. At Weprofab, we take your concept to reality with our professional touch.

Maintenance Tips

It’s not gainsaying that acrylic boxes have high durability. However, high maintenance culture helps prolong its lifespan while keeping it in its functional state. Maintenance tips for acrylic boxes include: 

Regular Cleaning

You should clean your acrylic boxes from time to time. This prevents accumulation of dust on the box. You should have it in mind to have a soft cloth for this purpose. Rough cloth with rough surfaces can cause dent or scratches to the surface of your box.

Avoid harsh chemicals and soaps

Avoid the use of harsh chemicals and soaps when cleaning your acrylic boxes. Make use of specialized acrylic cleaning soaps or mild detergent with water to clean. Harsh chemicals and soaps can cause damage to the surface of the acrylic.

Prolonged Direct Sunlight

Though acrylic has high resistance for ultraviolet violet rays, it’s sensitive to prolonged direct sunlight. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause discolouration and fading to your acrylic boxes. You should avoid the exposure of your acrylic boxes to prolonged direct sunlight.

Handle with Care

If you’ve a reason to move your boxes from one place to another, it’s important to handle them carefully. This is to avoid unforeseen damage in the process.


Store your acrylic boxes in a dry and warm environment. 


 Acrylic boxes are such versatile and durable display and storage solutions. They’re transparent, making it easy to see what’s inside. From retail to organization, they’re handy in so many ways. So, next time you’re looking for a sleek and modern display and storage option, acrylic boxes have got you covered.

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