Acrylic Cake Box


   You are lucky because you come to the right place where you can find the highest quality Acrylic Cake Box (WACB). Here at Weetect, you can find numerous facts about our range of acrylic cake box. Weetect carefully manufactured acrylic cake boxes only from high-quality acrylics. These acrylic plastics are perfect to use in producing excellent cake box.

  Cake specially made for occasions which filled with unforgettable keepsakes. While our acrylic cake box takes a role in making an elegant and unique atmosphere around the event location.

  With the help of our production team, you can get reusable and washable acrylic cake boxes for special occasions like your birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and so on. You can also get an acrylic cake box with five-tier designs plus LED lighting.

  Weetect acrylic cake box is available in many finish options, colors, shapes, functions, and sizes. Kindly send us your detailed orders, and we`ll help you make them happen.

  For its important functions, our professional team designed an acrylic cake box to give prior protection to desserts, cakes, or any other foods. This also gives a glossy finish and outstanding transparency. Weetect Acrylic cake box shiny appearance is more attractive compared to any glasses. They can completely protect desserts and cakes from dust, bacteria, etc. Its other benefit is they can help the food preserved for a long-time.

  We, our team prefer to use acrylic material since it has superb clarity, UV protection, and offers strong weather resistance for finished products. They may add elegance to the surroundings because of their shining crystal clear looks at the same time. 

  When need our assistance, we`ll do our best to help you not disappointed. We have a long history in this industry. Our complete lines of acrylic cake boxes have a high potential to boom your brand. So, when you`re new in the handling business, you must have our acrylic cake box to create a reputable name in the industry.

  At Weetect, we always do our best to complete every client`s requirements. We can innovate and manufacture regarding your specifications.

  If ever you want Weetect Acrylic Cake Box for your business, send inquiries today! 

Weetect Acrylic Cake Box Benefits:

  • Dust-free Storage
  • Recycled Material
  • Super Lightweight
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Grease Resistant
  • Safe Delivery
  • Anti-scratch Resistant
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Acrylic Cake Box Manufacturing Process

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