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Why Weetect is a Professional Manufacturer of Acrylic Card Box

Weetect is recognized as a professional manufacturer in China that specializes in the production of premium quality acrylic card box. We have advanced manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art facilities that allow us to produce an innovative acrylic card box. Our acrylic card boxes are tested to ensure durability. We are also certified by RoHS, CE, ISO, etc. Inquire now!

Weetect Your Professional Acrylic Card Box Manufacturer

Office Acrylic Card Box

It features an appearance similar to the box to keep your things organized. However, Weetect office acrylic card boxes are not breakable.

Wedding Card Gift Box Holder

Weetect manufactures Wedding Card Gift Box Holder that features a seamless door lock at the side. These are made from high-quality and sturdy acrylic.

Acrylic Wedding Card Box with Slot

Our elegant and unique Acrylic Wedding Card Box with Slot is made using heavy-duty acrylic raw materials. These are easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Geometric Acrylic Card Box

These are perfect decoration as your home or office’s centerpiece or display. These are also suitable for any occasion, parties, and events.

Acrylic Wedding Decorate Card Box

We manufacture high-quality Acrylic Wedding Decorate Card Box to hold and keep wedding cards. These are manufactured with high-quality and exquisite design.

Clear Acrylic Playing Card Box

We customize Clear Acrylic Playing Card Boxes according to our client’s requirements. Our OEM services for your orders will meet your requirements.

Weetect Acrylic Card Box

Here in Weetect, you can choose a lot of designs and styles from our wide range of acrylic card boxes. We can also customize the size or thickness of your acrylic card boxes according to your applications. We are surely your best manufacturer.

Aside from that, Weetect also manufactures acrylic card boxes that are durable, long-lasting, weather-proof, impact-resistance, and shatter-proof. You can guarantee that Weetect acrylic card box is your perfect choice!


Weetect Acrylic Card Box Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Weetect – Your Top Acrylic Card Box Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Weetect is a famous manufacturing company that offers a one-stop solution for all your acrylic card box needs. We are a certified Chinese acrylic card box manufacturer that is committed to giving customers competitive rates yet high-quality products and valuable services.

Weetect acrylic card boxes are widely used for different industries, events, or occasions. Commonly our acrylic card boxes are useful for business, donations, weddings, and more. Here in Weetect, we can help you find the right acrylic card box that suits your applications.

Weetect is a professional when it comes to supplying a wide range of acrylic card box. Wherever you are, we can still give you the best products because our acrylic card boxes are imported to different countries around the world. Whether you are a retailer, distributor, or importer, Weetect is your no.1 manufacturer.

We specifically designed acrylic card box to place notes or cards during formal or casual occasions. Our acrylic card boxes will keep your cards protected from unauthorized access. It can also be used to store or organize your things like fill-out form.

Weetect acrylic card boxes can be decorated with designs. You can add printed labels, digital images, laser-cut patterns, flowers, brand logos, geometric patterns, and more. You can personalize acrylic card box depending on your application.

Our acrylic card boxes are also available in different sizes. You can choose sizes according to your preference or opt to customize. We also manufacture colored acrylic card boxes. You can purchase clear acrylic card boxes, solid colored, and translucent colored acrylic boxes. You can send us your specification if you wish to customize your acrylic card box sizes and design.

Weetect acrylic card box features a lock for security purposes. You can choose between acrylic card boxes with manual or electronic locks. Aside from that, Weetect acrylic card boxes are unbreakable. These are also easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Because of its superior grade acrylic materials, our acrylic card box features scratch-proof. These are also tested to withstand harsh outdoor conditions and strong impacts. Thus, you can guarantee that you purchase durable and long-lasting acrylic card boxes.

We also manufacture acrylic card boxes with a wide range of design options. We have hybrid boxes, colored boxes, stand-alone or with stand boxes, hang boxes, security locked boxes, rectangular boxes, and more.

If you need more information about our acrylic card boxes, you can contact us immediately. We offer 24/7 assistance and services to help you! Surely, Weetect is your best manufacturer!

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