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We are an experienced manufacturing company that specializes in the production of innovative and trendy acrylic cups.

  • Competitive pricing and speed delivery
  • Well-quipped with advanced technology
  • Certified by international quality standards
  • Professional manufacturer for many years

Why Weetect is a Dependable Manufacturer of Acrylic Cups

Weetect is a fast-growing manufacturing company committed to giving customers a whole new experience in purchasing acrylic cups for business and projects. We manufacture acrylic cups at a reasonable rates without compromising quality. We are also certified by various international guidelines like FDA, CE, RoHS, and more. All products are inspected and tested to ensure safety and quality. Message us now!

Weetect Your Professional Acrylic Cups Manufacturer

16-ounce Acrylic Cups

Our 16-ounce Acrylic Cups are certified BPA-free. These are ideal for everyday drinking cup.

Skinny Acrylic Tumbler Cups

We manufacture a wide range of Skinny Acrylic Tumbler Cups that are customizable based on your needs.

Insulated Double Wall Tumbler Cup

These are great for home use, office use, picnics, and other indoor/outdoor applications.

Colored Acrylic Cups

Weetect colored acrylic cups are shatter-proof, durable, reusable, and eco-friendly.

Break-resistant Acrylic Cups

Unlike glass, our acrylic cups are manufactured with break-resistant and shatter-proof properties.

Acrylic Cups with Lids and Straws

Our acrylic cups with lids and straws features double wall, reusable straw, snug-fit lids, BPA-free, etc.

Weetect Acrylic Cups

Weetect has been the trusted manufacturer of high-quality acrylic cups in China. Weetect acrylic cups are available in different sizes, designs, styles, and thicknesses. Here in Weetect, you can find the right acrylic cup for your business.

All our acrylic cups are made from food-grade acrylic materials. You can guarantee that these are safe-to-use, non-toxic, reusable, and environmentally friendly!



Weetect Acrylic Cup Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Weetect – Your Trusted Acrylic Cup Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Weetect is a professional manufacturer of acrylic cups in China since its establishment. We are the no.1 solution provider for all your acrylic cup needs. Thousands of retailers and importers from around the world have trusted Weetect because of our excellent quality products and unparalleled services.

Weetect is well-equipped with advanced technology and modern production equipment. We also have a strong R&D team that specializes in the research and development, design, and production of acrylic cups. Our team of professional employees are also working hard to give you valuable, worthy, and superior quality acrylic cups.

Our acrylic cups are available in different sizes, colors, and designs from our stock. You can choose acrylic cups that fits your preference. However, if you do not find the right acrylic cups for your applications, don’t worry! We offer customization services at a competitive price!

You can send us your detailed specification. Our designers will work with you to create your final design before starting the production. Here in Weetect, we are committed to making customers’ ideal acrylic cups into reality!

At Weetect, you can find the broadest collection of acrylic cups. You can avail our wholesale acrylic cups that are printable with your logo. We can also customize your packaging so we can help you promote your brand and business.

You can avail our assorted colors acrylic cups, acrylic double wall insulated cups, acrylic cup sets, acrylic beverage cups, reusable acrylic drinking cups, and more. Our one-stop solution for your acrylic cup needs will surely meet your requirements for your business.

Why choose Weetect Acrylic Cups?

  • High-impact resistance
  • Processed through advanced acrylic fabrication
  • Shatter-proof and unbreakable
  • Colors doesn’t fade even when exposed under sunlight
  • UV-resistance
  • Made from food-grade raw acrylic materials
  • Certified by CE, FDA, RoHS, ISO, etc.

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