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Here in Weetect, we manufacture a wide range of acrylic cylinders that will surely meet your requirements.

  • Gloss, frosted, or clear finish
  • Dedicated R&D team
  • Professional manufacturer
  • 24/7 excellent services

Why Weetect is a Reliable Acrylic Cylinder Manufacturer

Weetect is a rich-experienced manufacturer that specializes in the production of acrylic cylinder. Through our expertise, we are able to provide the everchanging needs of our customers. We supply high-quality acrylic cylinders to international customers. Our wide range of acrylic cylinders will surely meet your standards and requirements. Inquire now!

Weetect Your Professional Acrylic Cylinder Manufacturer

Clear Acrylic Cylinder

It features easy viewing, versatile design, and different customizable sizes and thickness.

Acrylic Cylinder Flower Vase

These are manufactured perfectly to maximize visibility of the content. It features lightweight and thick acrylic walls.

Acrylic Cylinder Centerpiece

Weetect Acrylic Cylinder Centerpieces are perfect alternative for glass floral vases. These are non-breakable.

Acrylic Cylindrical Jewelry Holder

It features compact design, high-quality, and thick square base. It can be customizable with your details.

Cylindrical Acrylic Floral Container

Weetect Cylindrical Acrylic Floral Containers are perfect as a centerpiece and decoration for homes.

Round Acrylic Cosmetic Organizer

These are perfect for storing make-up brushes, accessories, and more. These are unbreakable unlike glass.

Weetect Acrylic Cylinder

Here in Weetect, you can find the broadest selection of acrylic cylinders that will match your expectations. All our products are manufactured with high-quality and durability that will lasts for a long period of time.

Weetect is also a trusted manufacturer and supplier of acrylic cylinder. We are certified by ISO, CE, RoHS, and so on. All our acrylic cylinders are tested before shipping to ensure stable quality.



Weetect Acrylic Cylinder Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Weetect – Your Reliable Acrylic Cylinder Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Weetect is a leading Chinese manufacturer of acrylic cylinder for many years. We offer a wide range of acrylic cylinders that are used by various industries. As a professional manufacturer, Weetect has a broad knowledge and understanding on how to provide customers’ needs for acrylic cylinder.

Here in Weetect, our acrylic cylinder comes with different diameter sizes. We manufacture small and large acrylic cylinders. We also offer acrylic cylinder with different finishes such as gloss, frosted, or clear.

Our wide range of acrylic cylinder includes round acrylic cylinder, clear acrylic cylinder, colored acrylic cylinder, mini acrylic cylinder, cylindrical acrylic vase, and more. You can surely find the right acrylic cylinder for your business.

We also OEM services for all your acrylic cylinder orders. We can customize your acrylic cylinder based on your request. You can send us your details such as sizes, thickness, colors, and designs. Get an instant quote now!

All our products are made from 100% acrylic materials. Thus, you can assure that your acrylic cylinders are sturdy and durable. These are also 100% tested to withstand impact. You can guarantee that Weetect acrylic cylinders are unbreakable.

Because of the flexibility of its design, Weetect acrylic cylinders are widely used for furniture, optical lenses, fish tanks, sight glass, aquarium, etc. These are also perfect as a decoration for any events or container to store and organize your things.

With our professional designers, we can guarantee you the best quality acrylic cylinders. We are also confident that we can give you innovative and creative acrylic cylinders. We are using advanced technology and modern production technique to make sure that we meet your requirements.

Aside from acrylic cylinder, we also manufacture acrylic cups, acrylic card box, acrylic birdcage, acrylic letters, acrylic table numbers, acrylic tumblers, and more. Weetect can surely provide one-stop solution to your needs.

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