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For your acrylic display case needs, WeeTect is the best manufacturer and supplier based in China. They can help you reduce over 50% of costs for acrylic products. You`ll never know how trusted WeeTect, unless you choose them as your business partner.

WeeTect Acrylic Display Case (WADC) also called a showcase cabinet or display cabinet is the finest-quality product they can offer. For branding and business purposes, the acrylic display case is very perfect. This is available in custom designs, which ideal to showcase your brand in the whole market. WeeTect has enough professional design team who takes all responsibility in creating designs to suit your applications.

Before the product processing, WeeTect ensures and strictly tested the quality of the acrylic material which is used to produce an acrylic display case. Moreover, these products are useful in different industries, such as in the coffee shops, bakery shops, beverage establishments, jewelry stores, fast food restaurants, and many more. In WeeTect, the largest selections of durable acrylic display cases are highly presented for you to easily select the perfect one for your application.

Plus, WeeTect can manufacture a wide range of acrylic display cases which are high dust resistance, fingerprints and dirt prevented, keeping your main products safe. These also serve as a protective cover that protects products from loss and damages. Thus, these can be screwed and bolted into a display stand.

Using crystal clear acrylic, these high-quality display cases or showcases are manufactured. It can also be molded in a variety of shapes, including hexagonal, rectangular, and square. Available in lockable option, removable, or built-in. However, these can be portable, illuminated, or frameless, depending on your applications.

Whether you need an acrylic display case for your establishment or business, we, WeeTect can develop and design that will surely fit your specific applications.  We all have everything you need in terms of acrylic products. Some of the acrylic products we offer aside from acrylic display cases are the acrylic tube, acrylic awards, acrylic dome, etc. Ask for assistance from WeeTect staff if your upcoming projects required high-quality acrylic products, here we got you all covered!

For your inquiries, contact WeeTect to get more information about our services. We are happy to serve you. So feel free to contact us.

As a leading Acrylic Display Case Manufacturer in China, WeeTect will guarantee:

  • High-quality products at a very affordable price
  • WeeTect follows strict quality control and provides excellent before and after-sales services.
  • We can custom your multifarious demands in acrylic display case requirements.
  • A huge collection of acrylic display cases are available that suits well in your particular applications.
  • All our acrylic display case are manufactured resistant to a broad range of elements such as UV, temperature, impact, etc.
  • Our professional staff and service team are willing to support your projects. Dont hesitate to contact us now, we will never disappoint your expectations.
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Acrylic Display Case Manufacturing Process

Are you looking for acrylic display cases?

Acrylic display cases are great for displaying collections or the wares for your business.

This ultimate FAQ guide explores all the questions you may have on acrylic display cases including types, uses and sizes.

All the answers you ever need about this topic can be found here.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With LED Lights?

Acrylic display case with LED

 Acrylic display case with LED

Yes, you can find acrylic display cases with LED lights.

These are great for illuminating your collection whether these are dolls, cars or Star Wars collectibles.

What Bases Are There for Acrylic Display Cases?

You can choose from many types of bases for your acrylic display case.

The ones below are some of the popular bases.

• Acrylic display case with white base

Acrylic display case with white base

Acrylic display case with white base

You can use acrylic display case with white base to amplify and bring attention to your collectibles.

If you have a dark coloured collectible, the contrast with a white base will help to make your collectible more visible.

• Acrylic display case with black base

 acrylic display case with black base

acrylic display case with black base

If you have a light colored collectible, a black base will do wonders in creating a contrast so that your beloved collection stands out.

• Acrylic display case with mirror base

acrylic display case with mirror base

 acrylic display case with mirror base

An acrylic mirror base can help your collectible look bigger and highlight the details.

• Acrylic display case with wood base

acrylic display case with wood edge

 acrylic display case with wood base

By using an acrylic display case with wood base, you can have some warmth in your room while proudly showing off your collectible in its display case.

· Acrylic display case with no base

acrylic display case with no base

Fiacrylic display case with no base

If you intend to put your collectible on a table, an acrylic display case with no base is especially useful so you can still protect your collectible.

What Can You Display With Acrylic Display Cases?

There are lots of items and collectibles you can display with acrylic display cases. Here are some popular examples:

· Model ships

 acrylic display case for model ships

 acrylic display case for model ships

If you love model ships, you can show them off with acrylic display cases.

· Model cars

acrylic display case for model cars

acrylic display case for model cars

You may like to collect Hot Wheels cars or diecast cars and display them.

An acrylic display case can definitely help you to show off your collection.

· Sports memorabilia

 acrylic display case for football helmet

acrylic display case for football helmet

If you have footballs, football helmets or other sports memorabilia you want to display, an acrylic display case is the way to go.

You can even display boxing gloves if you love boxing.

acrylic display case for boxing gloves

 acrylic display case for boxing gloves

Soccer balls, soccer boots, basketballs and golf balls are other popular sports collections that you can display with acrylic display cases.

Hockey sticks, hockey pucks, ice skates and baseball bats are also well-loved displays.

· Miniatures, dolls, action figures and toys

acrylic display case for miniatures

 acrylic display case for miniatures

Acrylic display cases are great for displaying your miniatures, dolls and action figures.

There are different sizes of acrylic display cases so you can use them for small or large action figures.

Lots of people also use acrylic display cases for dolls.

 acrylic display case with action figures

acrylic display case for action figures

· Guitars

 acrylic display case for guitar

 acrylic display case for guitars

If you have a collection of acoustic and electric guitars, you can display them all with tall acrylic display cases.

You can buy or build individual stands so that all of your friends and family can admire your guitars.

· Lego

 acrylic display case for lego

 acrylic display case for Lego

It doesn’t matter what kind of Lego collection you have.

Even if you have Star Wars Lego sets such as the Millennium Falcon and the Death Star, Lego Porsches or a Lego Disney Castle, acrylic display cases can help you proudly show them off.

You can opt to build or buy a display case for your Lego.

· Shoes

acrylic display case for shoes

acrylic display case for shoes

Sports shoes and sneakers are very popular items to display in acrylic display cases.

Basketball shoes, soccer boots and ice skates look great in display cases.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Lids?

acrylic display case with lid

acrylic display cases with lid

Yes, you can purchase acrylic display cases with hinged lids that you can lift up.

This is convenient if you need to access the item frequently.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Locks?

 acrylic display case with lock

acrylic display case with lock

Yes, there are acrylic display cases that come with locks or with features that allow you to use padlocks with them.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Sliding Doors?

 acrylic display case with sliding door

acrylic display case with sliding door

You can obtain acrylic display cases with sliding doors so that the entire case will not shake when you open the door.

This reduces any disturbance to your figurines and prevents them from toppling over.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Drawers?

 acrylic display case with drawers

acrylic display case with drawers

Yes, you can find acrylic boxeswith drawers available to display and organize your jewelry and makeup.

These are frequently used for makeup displays.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases For Reptiles?

You can easily find acrylic display cases for snakes or other reptiles.

These cases are secure and have breathing holes for ventilation.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Drawers?

0 acrylic display case with shelves

Figure 20y cases with shelves so that you can display lots of smaller items such as dolls, miniature figures or cars.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With Stands?

Most acrylic display cases do not come with stands, but you can easily purchase acrylic display stands and put them into your acrylic display case.

Are There Wall Mounted Acrylic Display Cases?

 wall mounted acrylic display case

 wall mounted acrylic display case

Yes, you can find acrylic display cases that can be mounted on walls in many shapes and sizes.

You can also select wall mounted acrylic display cases with shelves.

Do Acrylic Display Cases Come In A Dome Shape?

 dome acrylic display case

dome acrylic display case

Yes, acrylic display cases come in a dome shape.

They are a great choice for you if you wish to display basketballs or anything that is spherical in shape.

Do Acrylic Display Cases Come In A Round Shape?

 round acrylic display case

round acrylic display case

You can find round acrylic display cases readily available.

These cases are a fun way to switch up your display instead of the typical rectangular display.

Are There Revolving Acrylic Display Cases?

 revolving acrylic display case

revolving acrylic display case

You can certainly find revolving acrylic display cases.

These are good choices for jewellery and makeup, or for miniature figurines.

These acrylic display cases are able to turn and revolve and can help to save space.

Are There Acrylic Display Cases With UV Protection?

Yes, you can select acrylic display cases that use acrylic sheets with UV protection.

These acrylic sheets filter out UV rays and reduce any potential UV exposure and damage to your items.

How Can You Remove Scratches From An Acrylic Display Case?

You can easily remove scratches from an acrylic display case.

If the scratches are light scratches,

If you have deeper scratches, you can run 600grit wet sandpaper and dry sandpaper over the scratch in turns.

Do this for about 3 minutes.

Repeat the above process with 800 grit sandpaper and 1200 grit sandpaper until all of the scratches are gone from the acrylic.

Dry the area and use acrylic polish to shine the acrylic display case.

This video shows you an example of how to remove scratches from acrylic.

How Can You Clean An Acrylic Display Case?

Your acrylic display case may become dirty due to dust, oil and dirt which makes it look fuzzy.

It’s extremely easy to clean acrylic display cases with the following steps.

  1. Soak a soft cloth in water and wipe down the acrylic display case. Use a clean side of the cloth to wipe the glass as rubbing dirt of the surface will scratch the case.
  2. If dirt still remains, mix mild detergent that is non-abrasive with the water and use it to wipe the acrylic display case.
  3. Take a lint-free cloth and dry the case.
  4. Polish the acrylic display case with liquid polishing wax to let it shine.

Remember not to use glass cleaners or any chemicals that contain ammonia.

These may damage your acrylic display case.

Do not use abrasive materials such as rough sponges as these will scratch your ammonia display case.

How Can You Build An Acrylic Display Case?

You can build or make acrylic display cases for any collectibles you have.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to build an acrylic display case:

  1. Measure the collectible you want to display and ensure the display case is at least 2 inches longer than the height, length and width of the item.
  2. Get a clear acrylic sheet and cut them into panels. You can use a table saw, a circular saw, saber saw or a handsaw.

Leave the protective covering on the acrylic sheet while you are cutting the panels.

  1. Use sandpaper to sand the edges of the panels so that you have a very smooth finish. You can also buff the edges if you wish.
  2. Peel off the protective coating on the acrylic sheet. To bond the different panels together, hold the panels at right angles with angle clamps.
  3. Use masking tape to tape the outer seam between the acrylic pieces so that you can apply the solvent cement.
  4. Apply solvent cement on the inner seams of your acrylic display case and wait for about half an hour for the solvent cement to dry.
  5. Tape your top and bottom panels to the display case as done in step 5 and glue them together with solvent cement.

This video shows how a collector is making an acrylic display case for Hot Wheels cars.

Alternatively, you can choose to order a custom acrylic display case made for you.

What Is The Difference Between Glass and Acrylic Display Cases?

Acrylic display cases will not shatter if you drop them or hit them.

This makes them more durable than glass.

Acrylic is much lighter than glass and is more impact resistant.

Scratches on acrylic display cases are also much easier to repair unlike glass.

Glass display cases are more expensive than acrylic display cases.

Glass also reflects 100% of light while acrylic does not reflect light as much.

Less reflection reduces glare so you can see your collectibles comfortably.

Acrylic also does not have any tint to it, while a greenish tint may appear when looking through glass cases.

However, acrylic is harder to clean as it gets dirty easily from dust, oils or dirt.

Glass is harder to scratch and has a more high-quality look.

Putting your item in a glass case gives it a museum-like look.

What Is The Difference Between Polycarbonate and Acrylic Display Cases?

Polycarbonate is another type of plastic that is also used in display cases.

Acrylic has a glossier finish and is more transparent, making it more suitable to be used as a display case.

Polycarbonate has a more translucent look.

It is also not possible to polish polycarbonate.

While acrylic is easier to crack, it is easier to scratch polycarbonate.

Acrylic is also cheaper than polycarbonate.

However, polycarbonate is much stronger than acrylic to the point that it is used for bullet-resistant windows.

It is less likely to chip.

Polycarbonate is also much more resistant to heat and chemicals.

What Are The Acrylic Display Cases Sizes Available?

There are many sizes of acrylic display cases available depending on your needs.

Lengths can vary between 30cm, 40cm, 50cm or 60cm.

The most common sizes of acrylic boxes are 10” x 10”, 12” x 12” and 24” x 24”.

Are There Custom Acrylic Display Cases Made To Measure?

Customised acrylic display cases are easily found to suit your specifications.

If you already have measurements in mind and you cannot find existing acrylic display cases that fit your item, you may need to order a custom acrylic case.

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