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Find the most excellent acrylic dome in WeeTect. WeeTect is a professional acrylic dome manufacturer for more than 20 years, trusted by many clients around the globe. We supported the retail, interior design, and architect industry with the premium quality in acrylic dome fabrication.

We provide a range of acrylic dome solutions and offer custom-made dome manufacturing at a cost-effective rate. Guaranteed safe, durable, and extremely versatile. WeeTect offered domes for skylight architect, exhibition stands, product promotions, shopfitting, construction and roofing projects, etc.

You can obtain our acrylic domes in various thicknesses, standard, and custom sizes. WeeTect can produce it in translucent, transparent, or solid color. We design and develop acrylic domes that fit on your applications.

Our WeeTect acrylic domes have been used for many various purposes, including underwater photography, stage, film and TV sets, point of sale and shop displays, engineering projects, and dump bins. This performed well in CCTV systems, museum and art gallery displays, confectionery dispensers, signage, and many more. It provides a secure thermal seal, superior device management, and excellent architectural elegance.

As one of the leading acrylic dome manufacturers in China, WeeTect is competent to help you stand out from your brand in the marketplace. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of acrylic domes appreciated worldwide. Your one-stop solution for all your acrylic dome needs.

Whether its acrylic display dome case, garden acrylic dome, acrylic display dome, acrylic dome skylight, oval acrylic dome, green see-through acrylic dome, camera replacement acrylic dome, WeeTect is the best manufacturer with profound experience in the field. Each of our acrylic domes is covered by our CE certificated company. You can always ensure our quality products.

Our comprehensive production capabilities allow us to achieve industry-leading clarity, strength, and precision. This includes thermoformable acrylic, drilling acrylic, acrylic polishing, anti-scratch coating, screen printing on acrylic, laser-cut acrylic, etc. We have over 20 years of development and experience in plastic fabrication.

Throughout the years, WeeTect only used the superior quality cast acrylic materials in fabricating acrylic domes. We pride our self in delivering crystal clear and optical clear domes suited for different applications.

Send your acrylic dome requirements now. Delight your customers with an excellent and amazing product from WeeTect.

WeeTect Acrylic domes (WAD) are used in a variety of applications. Applications may include:

  • Acrylic dome magnifier – You can use Weetect acrylic dome magnifiers which are highly impact-resistant in your magnifying glasses to view an object.
  • Acrylic dome ceiling light – WeeTect acrylic dome ceiling light is the perfect source for ambient, soft light.
  • Acrylic dome for the camera – WeeTect acrylic dome for the camera offers a sustainable wide-angle view underwater. It enables you to get as close to your main subject as possible.
  • Lenses of exterior automobile lights – High-quality acrylic dome from WeeTect seals the entire headlight assembly to provide superior protection.
  • Helmet visors – WeeTect acrylic dome (WAD) is used widely in producing motorcycle helmet visors.
  • Acrylic dome skylights – The acrylic dome skylight offers unrivalled architectural elegance and excellent water management.
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Acrylic Dome Manufacturing Process

Before you buy an acrylic dome, you need to read this FAQ guide first.

It is because this guide covers the key specifications and vital aspects of domes made from acrylic sheet.

Below is everything you should know:

What is Acrylic Dome?

These domes are made from acrylic.

They tend to resemble the hemisphere.

Normally a dome is less than a half as tall as it is wide.

On the other hand, the hemisphere is half as tall as it is wide.

They are normally used in many applications, i.e., playgrounds, safari packs, underwater devices, etc.

Acrylic dome

Acrylic dome

Why use acrylic to make Domes?

Acrylic has more advantages compared to other alternatives.

It is the most preferred material for domes.

Some of the reasons include;

It offers excellent optical clarity and transparency.

Acrylic domes are extremely transparent hence offering excellent light transmission.

Also, it enables the user to have a clear view of everything in the dome.

Acrylic domes are also lightweight.

Besides, this makes it a perfect choice for many applications.

The dome is also resistant to impact.

Therefore, it can withstand rough handling without losing its shape.

When you compare it with other materials, the acrylic dome is more cost-effective.

Importing acrylic domes from China offers more benefits as far as the cost is concerned.

Furthermore, acrylic domes are easy to clean and maintain.

Therefore, you can achieve the level of hygiene you need.

Acrylic domes are more flexible, making them virtually unbreakable when you compare them to glass.

What is the Minimum Thickness for Acrylic Domes?

The thickness of acrylic domes normally varies depending on the customers’ specifications.

However, the recommended wall thickness should be about 0.3O inches.

Of course, there is no specific requirement or standard that stipulates it must be 0.3 inches.

The acrylic dome manufacturer should help you choose the right thickness.

Do Acrylic Domes have Disadvantages?

Yes but a few;

Transaparent Acrylic Dome

Transparent acrylic dome

First, acrylic can scratch more easily compared to other alternatives.

Take, for example, glass is scratch resistant.

However, to overcome this, you should choose the acrylic dome with an anti-scratch coating.

Furthermore, use soft material such as a sponge to clean the dome.

Acrylic domes are also less strong and less resistant to matting.

They are also easily stained by grease or oil.

To overcome this problem, you can dash a white spirit on the stained part.

You should then allow it to soak for at least one hour.

Then wash it normally.

Alternatively, you can soak the stain with a nail polish remover for about one hour.

Then scrub the stain using rubbing alcohol and wash.

How do you compare Acrylic Dome to Polycarbonate Dome?

Acrylic domes

Acrylic domes

i. Acrylic domes offer better light transmittance that polycarbonate domes

ii. Polycarbonate domes without UV treatment easily turn yellow compared to acrylic domes

iii. Acrylic domes are cheaper than polycarbonate domes

iv. Both acrylic domes and polycarbonate domes come in different shapes, sizes, and tints

v. Polycarbonate domes offer better resistance to impact than acrylic domes

vi. You can easily polish both acrylic and polycarbonate domes. Also, it is a procedure that improves the overall appearance of the domes.

vii. Polycarbonate domes are suitable for applications that are susceptible to vandalism. Normally, this is not the case for an acrylic dome.

How much do Acrylic Domes Cost?

The cost of acrylic domes varies depending on the color, type of the acrylic dome, and quality.

There is no fixed price for an acrylic dome.

It will depend on your customization requirements.

What is Acrylic Domes used for?

Domes made from acrylic are used in skylights and meteorology systems.

This product offers lower light scattering while still maintaining the durability of the BK7.

Most of our customers have also used our domes in various ways like;

Some have used it to protect the trade items during tradeshows for passers-by.

They are used for decorating houses during the Christmas period.

Acrylic dome dimension

Acrylic dome dimensions

How can you make domes?

The process is quite simple:

You must first start by doing a thorough inspection of the acrylic material you want to use.

It should be high-quality acrylic material according to customer requirements.

Then cut the material, drill holes, and flanges to the exact length and depth using a computer-controlled machine.

The next step is to thermoform the material in a vacuum chamber.

Apply the required pressure on the side of the heated material until you achieve the right dimension.

During the process, you will form an acrylic dome.

Can I get a ShallowerDome than a Hemisphere?

Of course!

Most people prefer this dome over the deeper dome due to its ability to stay for long (durable).

It is tough.

Remember, the depth of the dome will depend on your unique specifications and requirements.

Acrylic dome

 Acrylic dome

Are Acrylic Domes available in Colored Configuration?

Tinted acrylic dome

Tinted acrylic dome

Most definitely!

Domes made from acrylic come in a variety of colors.

For instance, you may have an acrylic dome, which is yellow, pink, red, etc.

The color of the dome will, therefore, depend on the customer’s requirement.

How can you Clean Acrylic Domes?

First, you must start by clearing any dirt or debris on the dome.

After that, clean the entire surface using a microfiber cloth and soapy water.

Then blot on the surface lightly using a wet cloth.

Are there other materials that can replace Acrylic in Dome?

Yes, there are many materials you can use to make domes.

Glass dome

 Glass dome

i. Glass domes are popular. However, they can break easily.

ii. Polycarbonate domes are also popular among many people. These domes are durable and can withstand the high magnitude of impact. However, polycarbonate domes are more expensive.

Can you Print on Acrylic Dome?


Just like the process of print on acrylic, the same applies to these domes.

For example, plastic screening printing is the most commonly used technique on an acrylic dome.

Is Acrylic dome Resistant to Scratches?

No, acrylic scratch more easily, but there are some circumstances when you can also get acrylic with a scratch-resistant coating.

Anti-scratch acrylic sheets provide better protection.

Therefore, such domes will not scratch easily, thereby saving on the cost of replacing a new one.

Alternatively, in the case of acrylic, some have scratches, there are ways of dealing with it.

All you need are two abrasive papers of 800 and 1200 grit.

Also, you need water for soaking the abrasive paper.

First, wet the 800 grit sandpaper in water then rub it over the area with scratches on the acrylic dome.

Do this in a circular motion.

You should repeat the same procedure using dry 800 grit sandpaper.

You should rub for 2 to 3 minutes using the two sandpapers.

Next, use 1200 grit sandpaper and repeat the above procedures.

In this step, you need to rub until all the scratches disappear.

Lastly, dry the acrylic dome using a soft and clean cloth, then apply the acrylic polish.

The polish will greatly improve the overall appearance of the acrylic dome.

However, when the acrylic dome has deep scratches, you may need three sandpapers with 600,800 and 1200 grit.

How can you Cut Acrylic Domes into Shapes?

Here you can use a scoring knife to cut the acrylic.

It is perfect for cutting narrow grooves on acrylic domes.

You should follow the following steps:

i. Mark area you want to cut

ii. Cut a narrow groove

iii. Clamp acrylic if there is need

iv. Bend the overhang side of the acrylic in a quick and even motion. During the process, the groove will deepen.

It will lead to the separation of the two pieces with a relatively clean edge.

Apart from scoring a knife, you can also use a jigsaw, band saw, a laser, etc.

Depending on the specific requirement of your dome, you can cut it into different shapes using one of the above equipment.

Do Acrylic Domes break easily?


Acrylic domes do not break easily.

They can withstand high impact strength.

Besides, domes made from acrylic can also withstand extremely high temperatures without losing inherent properties.

What should you Consider when Choosing Acrylic Dome?

When choosing acrylic domes, you should consider the following:

Acrylic dome

Acrylic dome

  1. The thickness of the dome- this is one a critical aspect that you should put into consideration when looking for a suitable acrylic dome. The thickness normally varies depending on the application.

However, the minimum thickness for the wall is 0.30 inches.

  1. Price- as stated earlier, the price of the dome also varies depending on some factors. However, the price of the acrylic dome is estimated to be half the price of the glass dome.
  2. Depth of the dome- acrylic dome has either a shallower depth or a deeper depth. The most commonly used depth for the acrylic dome is 100m. This also varies depending on the application.
  3. Color- this is also another important aspect to take into consideration when choosing an acrylic dome. Acrylic dome comes in a range of colors. The color of the acrylic dome will depend on the specific application requirements of users.

How much Heat can Acrylic Dome withstand?

The acrylic dome is resistant to fluctuating temperature conditions.

They can withstand the temperature of 80 degrees C.

However, very high temperatures above this may cause the acrylic dome to melt.

On the other hand, an acrylic dome can also withstand extremely low temperature, as low as -40 degrees Celsius.

Are Acrylic Domes Environmental Friendly?


You can recycle acrylic domes.

Besides, acrylic domes are non-toxic.

Is Acrylic Dome resistant to Chemicals?

Of course, they are.

Its ability to resist chemicals makes it ideal for most applications, domestic and industrial settings.

Of course, the degree of resistance to chemicals will depend on the grade of the acrylic dome.

How do you compare Acrylic Dome over Glass Dome?

There are several factors you can use to compare these types of domes.

Some of those factors include;

  1. The price- the price of the acrylic dome is normally high compared to the glass dome. Consequently, it makes the acrylic dome more popular.

It is estimated to be half or less the price of a similar-sized glass dome.

  1. Flare- glass can handle flares and shootings into the sun better than the acrylic domes, which often shows reflectionin these types of images.
  2. Depth- the depth of the acrylic dome is always deeper than the glass dome. The acrylic dome has a depth of approximately 150m.
  3. The lifespan or durability- the glass dome tends to have a longer lifespan since it does not easily scratch as compared to the acrylic dome.

Now, with all these, certainly, you can choose a suitable acrylic dome for your applications.

However, in case you find it difficult to choose domes made from acrylic, we are here to help – talk to us now.

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