Your Professional Acrylic Drawer Manufacturer in China

As a professional manufacturer, Weetect offers a wide range of acrylic drawers with the best quality at an affordable cost.

  • Reliable and trusted manufacturer for many years
  • High-quality, durable, and long-lasting acrylic drawers
  • Guaranteed high level of customers’ satisfaction
  • Certified by RoHS, ISO, CE, etc.

Why Weetect is a Reliable Acrylic Drawer Manufacturer

Weetect is a rich-experienced manufacturing company that specializes in acrylic drawer productions. With our expertise, we have acquired a lot of knowledge and understanding about providing customer and market demands. Here in Weetect, you can assure that we offer a one-stop solution through our outstanding quality control system and modern technology. You can guarantee that we manufacture innovative and stylish-designed acrylic drawers for your projects or business. Request a quote!

Weetect Your Professional Acrylic Drawer Manufacturer

Acrylic Cosmetic Makeup Drawer

These are available in customized sizes according to your needs. It features high-transparency and eco-friendly properties.

Stackable Cosmetic Acrylic Drawers

Each product comes with customizable sizes that will fit for brushes, palettes, compact, nail supplies, and more.

Acrylic Vanity and Desk Drawer

These are versatile to use. It can be used for classifying and organizing cosmetics such as makeup tools, jewelry, hairbrushes, etc.

Acrylic Drawer for Kitchen Utensils

Weetect Acrylic Drawer for Kitchen Utensils are perfect organizing for toiletries, medicines, kitchen utensils, etc. It comes with custom sizes for your needs.

Acrylic Bathroom Drawer

Our Acrylic Bathroom Drawers are easy-to-clean, durable, and long-lasting. It comes with customized layout, sizes, and designs to meet your requirements.

Acrylic Drawers

It comes with multiple sizes so you can choose according to your preference. These are made from durable and non-slip silicone materials.

Weetect Acrylic Drawers

Weetect is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of acrylic drawers in China for many years. We have been the no.1 supplier for thousands of customers from around the world.

As a professional manufacturer, we produce a broad range of acrylic drawers. You choose according to your preference. We also offer excellent customization services as per request. Just send us your detailed specifications.

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Weetect Acrylic Drawer Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Weetect – Your Trusted Manufacturer and Supplier of Acrylic Drawer in China

Weetect acrylic drawers are very popular because of its premium quality and excellent features. Most of the distributors, importers, and retailers have chosen Weetect as their no.1 supplier of acrylic drawers. Weetect can also be your trusted business partner!

Weetect acrylic drawers can be in different forms of shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose in-stock acrylic drawers according to your applications. We can also customize your orders with your own specifications. Just send us your requirements so we can work with your design and produce your ideal acrylic drawer for your project or business.

We manufacture acrylic drawers that are widely used for storing and organizing valuable things. These can be used for keeping makeup, cosmetics, makeup tools and brush, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, medicines, and more.

Aside from that, Weetect acrylic drawer features high-transparency. You can clearly see the things you keep and store inside. This high-quality acrylic drawer will not fade and prevents yellowing even when exposed to sunlight.

Our acrylic drawers also feature shatter-proof and unbreakable construction. Thus, you can guarantee its durability and long-lasting use. These are also reusable and safe for the environment. Weetect acrylic drawers are surely your best choice!

At Weetect, we carefully choose and select 100% acrylic materials for your acrylic drawer productions. We assure you that we manufacture simple, elegant, and stylish design acrylic drawers. Our dedicated R&D team always makes sure to use modern technology so we can provide you innovative acrylic drawers.

Whether you are a retailer or distributor, always choose Weetect as your manufacturer. We offer competitive prices, unmatched services, and premium quality products. We also integrate advanced acrylic fabrication to produce the best quality acrylic drawers.

We also adhere to international quality standards such as ISO, CE, and RoHS when manufacturing acrylic drawers to ensure high-quality. Also, with our strict quality control management, you can guarantee that we deliver zero-defect acrylic drawers!

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