Acrylic Frames


Are you looking for an excellent type of acrylic frame? Get high-quality and exquisite in workmanship acrylic frame here in WeeTect. As a professional manufacturer, WeeTect provides acrylic frame solutions at a very cost-effective rate.

WeeTect acrylic frame (WAF) is a kind of frame created from acrylic material designed for holding paintings, pictures, or any specific artwork. You can also define it as a protective edging of a photo and simultaneous decorative which makes it possible to display particular artwork easier and safer. It is the perfect glazing material for homes, museums, galleries, and other high traffic areas.

Why WeeTect offer frames using acrylic material? Because acrylic is a glass alternative that is flexible, hard, and even recyclable. This material has earned popularity as a framing material. It’s naturally beautiful and has excellent transparency makes it easy for the specific artwork to be visible.

Because of its lighter weight feature, acrylic is also more economical to ship than glass. It`s perfect for your picture frame requirements. WeeTect is competent in fabricating picture frames and other products using the acrylic component.

We offer various types of WeeTect acrylic frames (WAF) according to your detailed requirement. As a finish option, we can manufacture acrylic wall frame, acrylic angled frame, acrylic sign holder acrylic frame, acrylic sandwich board frame, acrylic shadow box frame, acrylic block frame, and many more. We can custom your design and idea, just send it right away and we will do the perfect process.

A lot of advantages from our WeeTect acrylic frames (WAF) will definitely please your customer. It has superior resistance to ultraviolet rays, that even if they placed outdoor for many years it will do very little damage on acrylic frames. And if well maintained, WeeTect acrylic frames can last for 20 to 30 years or more dependent on the particular application of a specific acrylic frame. This product is a lightweight frame that can be easily relocated from one location to the other side.

Our WeeTect acrylic frame has an anti-scratch resistant and shatterproof resistant. It is also corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, and has an excellent impact on pressure. Our acrylic frame is popular for its anti-aging performance, that’s why many clients delighted with it.

We integrate advanced technology, supported by a team with experienced engineers and staff. Our well-equipped facilities and factories, guarantee the fast and efficient production of WeeTect acrylic frames. Therefore, you can trust our company.

WeeTect has been specialized in producing high-quality acrylic products since 1993. Whether you need an acrylic bathtub, acrylic shield, acrylic skylights, or acrylic dome, WeeTect is the perfect manufacturer. With rich experience in the field, we ensure durable, unique in style, and cost-effective solutions suit your demands and requirements.

If you are looking for a reliable acrylic frame manufacturer, please feel free to contact us today to help your business grow.

Our WeeTect Acrylic Frame advantages:

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Designed with great aesthetic pleasure
  • Lightweight
  • Shatterproof resistant
  • Anti-scratch resistant
  • Have a great impact on pressure
  • Non-toxic glass
  • Not easy to break and not easy to damage
  • Affordable than the traditional glass frames
  • Offer more clarity compared to polycarbonate frames
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Acrylic Frames Manufacturing Process

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