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Due to its easy-to-clean, UV resistance, and durable properties, acrylic furniture is highly demanded in the market nowadays. Therefore, if you are planning to buy acrylic furniture for business or projects, Weetect has the best solution for you!

As a professional manufacturer, Weetect manufactures a broad selection of acrylic furniture. We have acrylic chairs, acrylic end table, acrylic folding tray table, acrylic office chair, acrylic coffee table, acrylic bar trolley, and more. This wide range of acrylic furniture are customizable according to your specification.

Because of its UV resistance, Weetect acrylic furniture will prevent yellowing and fading even when exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Aside from that, our acrylic furniture are non-toxic. Thus, you can assure that all our acrylic furniture is more environmentally-friendly than other materials.

Additionally, when you use Weetect acrylic furniture, marks or scratches will be removed easily. Plus, our acrylic furniture is very appealing and can blend aesthetically with other home decorations. It will give extra elegance to the environment where it is positioned.

Due to that, it is the best choice for your rooms, living room, dining room, offices, and other applications. It comes in different sizes and designs that are fully customizable. Our acrylic furniture is also easy to install.

If you are looking for the best quality acrylic furniture, Weetect is the best manufacturer for you! We offer products at competitive prices. We can manufacture and supply acrylic furniture aesthetically for your office or home decorations.

Through our years of experience, Weetect is highly knowledgeable about your needs. Thus, we can give a one-stop solution for your projects. We strictly monitor the quality of our acrylic furniture to give you the highest quality and maximum satisfaction level.

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Why Weetect is the industry’s leading acrylic furniture manufacturer?

  • A wide selection of products. Weetect manufactures different types of acrylic furniture that will suit your needs.
  • Rich Experience. Weetect has a rich experience in operating in the industry. Thus, we are knowledgeable enough to meet your expectations and satisfy your requirements.
  • High-quality products. At Weetect, we always ensure that our products are safe to use, durable, and complied to various international and local quality standards.
  • Competitive price. All our products are offered at very affordable prices without compromising its quality.
  • Excellent services. We have a professional team that offers 24/7 assistance and quick response to inquiries.
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