Acrylic Hinges


If you`re looking for a durable and functional acrylic hinge, you can find it here in WeeTect. Acrylic is one of the easiest synthetic materials to shape, fabricate, and maintain. Hinges made from acrylic provides high flexibility around the axis of rotation even after various utilization.

WeeTect is a professional acrylic manufacturer that can satisfy your precise fabrication requirements for several types of acrylic hinges custom applications.

Here in WeeTect, you can choose from different custom-designed acrylic hinges for storage boxes, cases, shields, furniture, signage, decors, and any other applications.

There are so many advantages while using WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH). This is made deterioration and durable. Compared to glass, it can last longer.

It offers highly resistant to wear and tear and coat with UV resistant treatment. WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH) is moisture resistant and not affected by other chemicals existing in the air.

In terms of its flexing and blending capability, WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH) stands out. These harmoniously blend into and join acrylic and other base components.

WeeTect made it smooth, clean, and shiny with continuous curves. You can present any number of design transformation with these WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH).

WeeTect is a reliable acrylic supplier and manufacturer in China. We are trusted by many retailers, distributors, or custom companies in various countries. Our aim is to give 100% satisfaction to our products and services.

For many years in the plastics manufacturing industry, we are specialized in customizing your Acrylic Hinges according to your preference and specifications. We can provide effectively and the best advice for your projects. Choose your desired sizes, designs, and features ideal for your applications.

Worries no more when buying WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH). We strictly provide high-quality acrylic hinges thanks to our advanced technology, best production equipment, and best process control.

WeeTect has an extensive variety of selection of acrylic hinges. Standard acrylic hinges designs are available for any custom purposes.

For your large acrylic hinge orders, we can provide a free sample for you to check the quality. Whether you`re in need of spring acrylic hinges, clear acrylic hinges, perspex acrylic hinges, flex fold acrylic hinges, or surface-mounted acrylic hinges, WeeTect is the perfect manufacturer that can satisfy your needs.

Contact us now and get your unique and cost-effective acrylic hinges.

Our WeeTect Acrylic Hinges (WAH) will offer you:

  • Extreme durability
  • Practical and unique design
  • Blending Capability
  • Temperature Resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Maintenance Free
  • Cost-effective acrylic hinges
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Acrylic Hinges Manufacturing Process

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