Acrylic Jewelry Box


Searching for a durable with stunning features acrylic jewelry box? Finding no more! At select, we will assist you to get the best jewelry box made from a high-quality acrylic sheet. As a professional acrylic jewelry box manufacturer, WeeTect offers non-stop solutions and reliable services to our customers at a very affordable price.

WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box (WAJB) is an enclosure used in storing and displaying jewelry, beads, necklaces, earrings, etc. Offer good transparency while presents jewelry in a pleasant and interesting way. Great way to keep your small belongings safe and easy to find.

This product is multi-functional that can also be used for different applications in offices, homes, schools, etc. Acrylic Jewelry Box from WeeTect is also obtainable in colored and clear acrylic jewelry box choices.

Our WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box (WAJB) comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs. We can manufacture WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box that suits your requirements including a transparent crystal acrylic box, pack up acrylic jewelry box, dustproof acrylic box, multi-purpose jewelry box, and many more. Here in WeeTect, you can get any design of the acrylic jewelry box you need.

Furthermore, WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box is obtainable in a variety of colors. Colored or clear acrylic jewelry box, it’s both useful and ideal for your display objects. If you want a gorgeous and fashionable acrylic jewelry box with a drawer, we can make it just for you.

Our series of WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box is made sturdy. Therefore, it can be utilized to hold heavy stuff, with a longer lifespan. This product has the ability to withstand physical impact, chemical, and various weather conditions.

Your customer will be pleased when using WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box. This is easy to clean and maintain, that’s why it can save money, efforts, and time. Let WeeTect support your business now!

In China, WeeTect is famous for supplying a second-to-none acrylic jewelry box. We manufacture all kinds of acrylic jewelry boxes of various shapes, colors, sizes, and designs that fit your projects. For many years of history and experiences in this field, we committed ourselves to our customers’ OEM/ODM and self-design/development. You will never regret the partnership you made with us!

We guarantee that all our acrylic jewelry boxes are manufactured using high-technology equipment operated by professional technicians with an excellent experience.

For your acrylic product needs, you can rely on WeeTect. We are not only a manufacturer of acrylic jewelry boxes. We also provide a wide range of acrylic products such as acrylic gift boxes, acrylic make-up organizer, acrylic parts, acrylic ring box, etc.

Send us your Acrylic Jewelry Box request, and WeeTect team will handle all the processes to make success possible.

For more details about WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box (WAJB), inquire about us now!

WeeTect Acrylic Jewelry Box advantages:

  • Very suitable for storing jewelry and other stuff
  • Highly durable
  • Better transparency
  • Can be manufacture with scratch-resistant coating
  • Gorgeous and stunning
  • High-class range
  • Cost-effective



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