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Weetect is a professional manufacturer of acrylic lamp for many years. We guarantee excellent quality products with low MOQ to support your starting business.

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Why Weetect is an Expert in Acrylic Lamp Manufacturing

Weetect is a professional manufacturer of the acrylic lamps in China for many years. We are well-equipped with advanced manufacturing technology. Weetect also has a complete line of acrylic fabrication and techniques. Therefore, you can guarantee that Weetect can produce high-quality acrylic lamps with seamless design, reliable quality, and superior performance. We also offer acrylic lamps with a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors. Request a quote!

Weetect Your Professional Acrylic Lamp Manufacturer

Acrylic 3D Night Light Lamp

It can be placed in your bedroom, restaurant, shop, child room, living room, and more as a decoration.

Acrylic Led 3d Lamp Base

Weetect acrylic 3D lamp bases are available in different colors and sizes that are fully customizable.

Luxury Acrylic Table Lamps

You can avail yourself Luxury Acrylic Table Lamps in different sizes that will suit your requirements.

White Acrylic Lamp

White acrylic lamps from Weetect are super durable and available at a reasonable rate.

Modern Acrylic Lamp

Our modern acrylic lamps are manufactured quality construction, energy-saving bulbs, and high-level customer satisfaction.

3D Illusion Acrylic Lamp

Weetect 3D Illusion Acrylic Lamp features two operation modes, a wide range of design, sizes, and styles.

Weetect Acrylic Lamp

For many years, Weetect has been known to be the leading acrylic lamp manufacturer in China. We are offering both OEM and ODM services for your business. We can customize your acrylic lamp with your own specifications and logo to promote your brand.

Aside from that, Weetect is committed to providing excellent quality acrylic lamps that will suit your business. All products are certified by strict guidelines and standards for quality. We also do a full inspection before shipping to reduce defects.


Weetect Acrylic Lamp Manufacturing

Manufacturing Process

Weetect Acrylic Lamp

USB Rechargeable Moon Lamp

Weetect is one of the largest manufacturers of high-quality acrylic lamps in China. From design, material selection, features, and color options, Weetect can help you choose the best acrylic lamps for your business. You will all you need about the acrylic lamps at Weetect!

We manufacture acrylic lamp that modifies light amount illumination to be diffused depending on your space demands. It can also soften and light to be diffused from the main bulb improving the ambiance of your room.

Weetect acrylic lamp is also a great decorative accent in any room. Thus, making the space more aesthetic and appealing. Also, Weetect acrylic lamps will protect your eyes from the main light bulb’s glare.

Acrylic lamps from Weetect are specifically designed to give your room overall lighting. It can be used in any location such as office desks, reading spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, dining spaces, desktops, and bar spaces.

Lights Acrylic LED Illusion Night Lamp

Weetect acrylic lamps are safe to use. It is designed with high-temperature resistance. Thus, it will never deform or melt from the temperature emitted by the bulb.

Since the lamps are made from acrylic, you can assure that they are sturdy. It will not break or shatter easily even when it falls. It can also withstand strong impact pressure because of its excellent impact resistance.

Our acrylic lamps are also safe to use because they will not emit toxic or harmful fumes. All the materials used for producing acrylic lamps are non-toxic. Therefore, Weetect acrylic lamps are also safe for the environment.

At Weetect, you can find the broadest selection of high-quality acrylic lamps. You can purchase our wood art acrylic lamp, acrylic wall lamp, LED acrylic lamp, 3D acrylic lamp, WiFi controlled acrylic lamp, modern accent acrylic lamp, and more.

Moreover, Weetect can customize your acrylic lamps. We can personalize your acrylic lamps with your design, logo, or packaging, thus promoting your brand. Here in Weetect, we can help you in skyrocketing your business.

Kids 3D LED Night Lamp

We are well-equipped with advanced manufacturing technology. Weetect also has a complete line of acrylic fabrication and techniques. All our acrylic lamps are also inspected thoroughly by our strict quality control team. We also ensure that your acrylic lamp orders are well-packed before shipping to avoid defects and dents.

Weetect supplies acrylic lamps to more than 80 countries around the world. Weetect can be your best partner for your acrylic lamp needs. We guarantee excellent quality products with low MOQ, factory prices, and fast turnaround time to support your starting business.

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