Acrylic Manifold


  Weetect chooses to use acrylic material (WAM) in manufacturing bonded device manifolds since it is affordable and offers the best clarity. Plus these allow for a complete inspection of all channels and passages in components.

 Great news! Here in Weetect, we offer a large variety of acrylic manifolds to add to your business. Our acrylic manifold is broadly applied in a variety of standard and custom applications. But if your application concentrating on micro fluids, Weetect acrylic manifolds also the best matched.    

  Our unique acrylic manifold provides a place and consolidated circuits to easily mount different kinds of components. These are a very attractive and efficient alternative to the standard valving system.

  You can also avail of the acrylic manifold in a wide variety of colors. You can select whether black acrylic manifold, red acrylic manifold, yellow acrylic manifold, or blue acrylic manifold.

  When it comes to choosing the best acrylic manifold for your application, design always matters and the feature they offer. So we make sure to offer lightweight acrylic manifold with great fire-resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch-resistant, and so on. You can also choose whether standard or custom-designed acrylic manifold to suit a wide variety of applications.

   If you`re an acrylic manifold retailer or distributor, choose Weetect to be your business partner.  We can make sure to provide enough stocks for you even in peak season. Through our automatic production line, we can produce thousands of acrylic manifolds daily. A free product sample also provided for you to check the quality before ordering more.

  As one of the leading acrylic manifold manufacturers, Weetect can guarantee the highest quality acrylic manifold.

Aside from acrylic manifold, you can also avail of other acrylic products like an acrylic rod, acrylic windshields, acrylic cake box, acrylic suggestion box, etc. All are available for affordable yet competitive prices.

 Send us your inquiry now for Weetect Acrylic Manifold!

Weetect Acrylic Manifold Benefits:

  • Optical Clarity
  • Design Flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Scratch-proof
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Acrylic Rod Manufacturing Process

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