Acrylic Medal


  Weetect`s ultimate goal is your satisfaction. We manufactured different kinds of acrylic products including acrylic medal. This acrylic medal refers to a small portable acrylic object that has prints/descriptions designed to commemorate a particular award or event. Plus, these acrylic medals designed with a celebratory purpose.

  Our one of a kind acrylic medal is produced with stylish-formed. These are exceptionally manufactured to fill your business requirements. We make sure to manufacture products from high-grade materials that involve acrylics. Acrylic materials are not expensive plus it is affordable, perfect for making medals, plaques, etc. Your satisfaction is also the reason we create medals from the highest quality acrylic substances.

  Talking about acrylic medal features, these are available in wider type choices.  These are elegant to glance, cheaper yet has overall expensive quality. We used our improved and advanced high-tech machinery to designed an acrylic medal faster. Speedy manufacturing is required for your urgent necessities.

   However, our acrylic medals can be personalized into different measurements and figures. And because the material we used to create acrylic medal is not expensive, you can meet your low budget.

  At Weetect, you can find a wide range of acrylic products. We can design acrylic medals with your required precisions. We can cater your required measurements and your low budget as well. Plus, you can request printing your logo or desired texts here. But variable prices are expected. Also, we always consider your own layout designs for your orders.

 Weetect has the complete capability to strictly follow your given layout. What`s more, we are supplying not only the needs of local but also worldwide. We can timely deliver your orders directly to your warehouse for your added assurance.

We promise, at Weetect you can only experience better quality services.

Please contact us now for your Acrylic Medal orders & delivery.

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