Acrylic Mirror


If you`re having a hard time looking for a high-quality acrylic mirror, we`ve got you covered! WeeTect is a leading acrylic mirror manufacturer in China. You can avail of cost-effective acrylic mirrors here in WeeTect.

WeeTect Acrylic Mirror (WAM) also known as glassless mirrors is manufactured using acrylic sheets and then handled with a tough coating. Complies with the FDA and NSF requirements, can be cut exactly to your specifications. WeeTect Acrylic Mirror (WAM) can offer custom services at the time of your order, ensuring quality and fast delivery.   

WeeTect Acrylic Mirror (WAM) highly offers great performance to global acrylic mirror brands and manufacturers. We believe having viable performances rises up the longevity of the product and its flexibility. Easy to install in any wall spaces, lightweight, and strong makes it the best choice for you.  What`s more, it`s our privilege to support your own ideas in the entire processing.

WeeTect is an Acrylic Mirror manufacturer with comprehensive production capabilities which includes acrylic polishing, drilling acrylic, thermoformable acrylic, anti-scratch coating, laser-cut acrylic, screen printing on acrylic, etc.

When it comes to your acrylic mirror needs, you can depend on Weetect. You can get a 100% satisfying product that surely appreciated by your customers. Whether you are an acrylic mirror supplier, distributor, or retailer, Weetect is always the best choice. 

Advantages of WeeTect Acrylic Mirror:

  • Abrasion resistant (AR1, AR2)
  • Multiple edgework
  • Better cut to fit
  • Higher delicate cleaning
  • More polishable to a high shine
  • Highly customizable
  • Safest Mirror feature
  • Very easy to install
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Acrylic Mirror

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