Acrylic Parts


 If your upcoming projects require acrylic parts products, rely on Weetect for high-quality acrylic products and reliable services. Our series of acrylic parts are one of the popular competitors of polycarbonate and glass across the countries. Several manufacturers mostly choose acrylic since it is the best substitute and very economical for polycarbonate.

 Weetect Acrylic Parts are commonly used in acrylic production. Because it can easily be formed into different shapes, this is more suitable for different applications. To areas where high transparency rates are highly required, you can use our one of a kind acrylic parts product. You can also use them for turrets, canopies, and for windows.

 Our acrylic parts have numerous features like high-impact resistance, scratch-resistant, recyclable, and easily reshaped into other sizes and forms. Weatherproof, shatterproof, corrosion-resistant, and shock-resistant.

 And unlike others, Weetect acrylic parts have excellent weathering properties. Also proven as much stronger than any glass product. These have UV light protection that may not worsen even after exposure from light for over a period of time.  

 As well trusted manufacturer of acrylic parts in China, Weetect provides innovative solutions in all your acrylic parts orders. We are expert in fabricating and producing different kinds of acrylic products. And to surpass your expectations about our products, we manufacture them based on your own designs.

 Over the years, we have trained our staff and engineers to become experts and skillful in the entire manufacturing process. One of our main objectives is to satisfy all the needs of our clients. Your satisfaction is our ultimate achievement.

 Weetect, together with trained engineers and staff are working together to provide acrylic parts with better quality. For the sake of acrylic parts` quality, we used our technically advanced and latest technology equipment to meet your expectations.

 If you want Weetect to support your projects and if you`re interested in our products, send us now your inquiries. We are happy to help you in every way we can.

 Different Types of Weetect Acrylic Parts:

  • Frosted Acrylic Parts
  • Acrylic Skylights
  • Acrylic Signs
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Acrylic Parts Manufacturing Process

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