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  Looking for a trusted manufacturer that will provide you high-quality acrylic plaque? Weetect is what you`re looking for! We, Weetect manufactured acrylic plaques in different designs and shapes to suit your applications. These are also ideal for promoting your brand name. These may contain graphics, writings, and logos, and often seen on walls.

  Weetect Acrylic plaque is a flat piece made from thermoplastic, known also as acrylic. These are mostly displayed and serve as a commemoration of an outstanding persona or a specific event. A popular product since it has versatile compositions and forms, fitter to any applications.  

  We created acrylic plaque products with higher clarity volume and excellent quality. These are re-engineered and are available with brightly colored constructions.  We make it more eye-catching for customers, surely the best selling product for large or smaller enterprises.

  Besides, our acrylic plaques are described with different quality features. Its common features are marble varnished, UV protected, and are available in colorful actual features.  All Weetect`s acrylic plaques are created not only from reliable acrylic substances but also from piano wood and engraved materials. This is printed-free, plus you can choose your ideal design from our available broad selections.

   Our series of acrylic plaque is totally unique due to UV undertaking properties. Creatively made to fit your specifications. Since it`s more durable than others, these are mostly used for honoring significant appreciation for your leading achievements. Ideal in awarding business employees or loyal team. These come from glamorous, elegant designs, and the highest quality for affordable prices.

  Weetect brings numerous selections of acrylic plaque for you. Whatever the design you choose, different varieties of acrylic plaques are all available. These give a glassy and crystal-like appearance, suitable for all occasions or events.

  So for your upcoming projects that require acrylic plaques, contact Weetect!

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