Acrylic Rod


  Weetect Acrylic Rod (WAR) is also named as the Plexiglass rod is made to be applied to numerous applications. Apart from rods, the acrylic material is the most preferred product we use in creating high-quality signage, displays, art, crafts, aquarium tanks, boxes, and so forth. So if you`re a local, supplier, retailer, or distributor of any acrylic rods, Weetect is the leading manufacturer you can count on.

  Our range of acrylic rods offered great impact on strength capacity, lightweight, and resistance to breakages. These acrylic rods even possess 10X durability than any fragile glasses which make them perfect for making tanks and aquariums. Certainly, acrylics used in rod productions may result in the high tolerance and long-lasting of the finished products.  That`s one reason why our professional designers prefer acrylics for a better product result.

  These Weetect acrylic rods performed perfectly as glass substitutes. We can offer different types so you can select the best one for your business. Extensive selections are highly presented to fit a wide range of applications. Each kind has different outstanding levels of tolerance, which are mostly required in most implementations. Weetect Acrylic rods are lightweight, tough, dimensionally stable, has thermal proof, and so on.

  As one of the most trusted brands and reliable distributors of premium-quality acrylic rods, Weetect supplies unlimited acrylic rod productions. We also supply never-ending stocks to be able to supply our customers very well.  And to be honest, there are more than a thousand stocks of our acrylic rod are stored in our factory. We can help you in choosing the right one for your business. 

  Weetect produced Acrylic rods with optical clarity and superb quality. Our own version of acrylic rods is easily sawed, drilled, painted, and cut. You can also print your brand logo on our products. These will be an effective way to help your brand easily recognized all over the world.

  At Weetect, you can wholly give your trust and rely on them. We served complete services that can help your business boom!

Contact us now, and get the latest products at a lower competitive price!

WeeTect Acrylic Rod Advantages:

  • Very Transparent
  • Weighs 50% less than glass
  • Great Weather Resistance
  • Easy to Fabricate
  • Easy to Maintain
  • More Durable than Glass
  • Stronger than Glass
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Acrylic Rod Manufacturing Process

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