Acrylic Shelf


Weetect specializes in the design and production of premium quality acrylic shelf. We have been in the industry for many years. Our expertise in this field makes us the leading manufacturer of acrylic shelf in China. We can help you in promoting your business and projects.

Acrylic shelf designed by Weetect can be applicable in different industries. You can use it for residential or commercial applications. It can also be used for complementing offices, home, and facility interior designs.

At Weetect, we have expert designers to produce your acrylic shelf according to your specifications. We can customize your orders based on your preferred sizes and designs. We can give you high-quality acrylic shelf while promoting your brand and projects.

Aside from that, Weetect manufactures a wide range of acrylic shelf. You can choose our freestanding acrylic shelf. We also designed acrylic shelf that comes with a wide range of mounting options to suit your requirements.

Additionally, Weetect acrylic shelves are manufactured with glass-like transparency. This makes our acrylic shelf well-blended with other designs. Its stylish and elegant designs are perfect for any of your applications.

Moreover, you can guarantee that we manufacture a durable and long-lasting acrylic shelf. These are made from superior grade acrylic materials that are integrated with shatter-proof and impact-resistance.

Weetect is also equipped with advanced acrylic fabrication processes. We have an integrated modern acrylic injection molding and acrylic screen printing. Besides, we are also equipped with high-technology production lines to ensure that we can provide you the best quality products at an affordable price along with speed delivery.

Aside from acrylic shelf, we also manufacture acrylic desk, acrylic bookshelf, acrylic chair, acrylic furniture, and more. Weetect is surely your trusted partner for your acrylic products needs! Our one-stop solution will surely meet your requirements.

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Why choose Weetect as your acrylic shelf manufacturer?

  • Well-equipped with modern and advanced production technology
  • Trusted and leading Chinese manufacturer for many years
  • Automated acrylic fabrication processes
  • Advanced CNC machining, anti-fog, anti-scratch PC coating, polishing, screen printing, assembly, etc.
  • Fully customizable according to your detailed specification
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Manufacturing Process

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