Acrylic Sign Board


Are you in need of a stunning yet professional look at Acrylic Sign Board for your next project? Let WeeTect help you in finding the most sophisticated Acrylic Sign Board. In China, WeeTect recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of Acrylic sign board that you can trust. We offer cost-effective products and dependable services that can meet your expectations.

WeeTect Acrylic Sign Board is the best option in signage today. WeeTect Acrylic sign boards are made from high-quality cast acrylic, that is transparent, colorless, and hard-wearing. It is a perfect glass substitute that many customers choose from. Withstand water and other extreme weather conditions used both indoor and outdoor settings.

Due to its superior clarity, depth, and beautiful appearance they are often utilized as the directional, lobby, and architectural signage. Our WeeTect Acrylic Sign Board is a beautiful look for restaurants, markets, hallways, commercial stores, etc.

It has aesthetic appeal and professional look that you can also use it in professional service location such as in dentist offices, accountant’s offices, lawyer, doctor offices. WeeTect Acrylic Sign Board is not only elegant and durable but has a glossy and smooth finish. This present in the shape of a tight-box.

Furthermore, acrylic is a versatile, flexible, and lighter weight material perfect to make a sign board. You can benefit from its superior clarity features which allows light to permeate.

Our skilled and professionals are capable of manufacturing different types of acrylic sign boards including advertising Acrylic Sign Board, Outdoor Acrylic Sign Board, Cut-to-size Acrylic Sign Board, Surface LED Acrylic Sign Board, etc.

WeeTect Acrylic sign boards are 100% customizable. You can obtain it in various sizes, shapes, designs, and thicknesses according to your specifications and requirements. We guarantee to meet the precise specifications made by customers.

Why choose us? Because our product, specially WeeTect acrylic sign boards are designed surprisingly and with enhanced quality advantages.

For many years in service, WeeTect integrates an advanced technology system that helps to improve the quality and aesthetic of the acrylic sign board thoroughly.

Our company has full capability techniques in manufacturing Acrylic Sign Board. This includes machining acrylic sign board, bonding acrylic sign board, polishing acrylic sign board, engraving acrylic, printing on acrylic, etc. We ensure a high-quality process to satisfy your needs.

Contact us now. We will never disappoint you, instead, we are willing to assist you in every process for you to get the most desirable acrylic signboards.

Some Benefits of Our WeeTect Acrylic Sign Board:

  • Resistant to Ultra Violet Rays
  • Weather Resistant
  • Used both Indoor and Outdoor
  • Design with High Longevity
  • Offer at competitive prices
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