Acrylic Sign Holder


If you are running a business of some type or offer services, you may need to placed certificates, names, logos, pictures, or posters on display. Worries no more! WeeTect Acrylic sign holders will help you displaying signs in an aesthetic and appealing way that draws attention from your clients.

Our WeeTect Acrylic sign holders are very beneficial to help you hold up signs for different purposes. WeeTect Acrylic sign holders such as wall-mounted acrylic sign holders, standing sign holder, acrylic sign holder with LED, acrylic sign holder with clamp, hanging acrylic sign holder are made from high-quality acrylic.

As WeeTect Acrylic sign holders are made from acrylic sheets, they can easily be machined and shaped into any structure based on your requirements under heat. We can manufacture L shaped, door sign holders, or mattress sign holders, and so on.

If you want also an acrylic sign holder in specific colors, we can provide it. WeeTect Acrylic sign holders come in different colors which gives you lots of flexibility in the kind of signs you want to display.   

Basically, compared to glass, our WeeTect Acrylic sign holders also more resistant to breaking and shattering. It provides a slightly light transmittance rate and designed with better UV light resistance.

WeeTect Acrylic sign holders are easy to maintain, locate, and be printed. With overall features, these have the greatest performance suit for your various display applications.

As a leading acrylic sign holder manufacturer in China, WeeTect devoted itself to manufacturing an excellent product which complies with national and international quality standards. We own 2 prominent laboratories that align with the CE certificate and it ensures our dependable management system.

Our products, services, and processes are recognized and ranked by clients and industry experts worldwide to be among the best of the best.

Whether you need an acrylic signboard, acrylic sign letters, frosted acrylic sign, acrylic sign stand, WeeTect is the best choice. We will satisfy your needs with our full and professional capabilities in producing high-class products and reliable services.

Your customer will be pleased with our acrylic sign holders. Choose our elegant WeeTect acrylic sign holders to boom your own brand and company`s reputation.

Contact WeeTect now to know more about our acrylic sign holder products. We have highly trained staff and designers with vast experience in the field that can support your business. Send your requirements and you will get an instant quote.

Advantages of Our WeeTect Acrylic Sign Holders

  • Variety of shapes available
  • Comes in Various Colors
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Affordable
  • Durable
More Details

Manufacturing Process

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