Acrylic Skylights


Searching for the excellent acrylic skylights here in China? WeeTect is the right choice. With more than 20 years of reliable experience and history, WeeTect is professional in manufacturing high-quality acrylic skylights according to your specifications.

Our clients can count on the reliability and durability of our WeeTect Acrylic Skylights. Also, you can avail of it at a very affordable price.

We offer a variety of skylight shapes, types, colors, and sizes that can meet your demands and requirements. WeeTect can provide the most professional service for your acrylic skylights need. Whether its roof windows skylights, tubular daylighting devices (TDDs), unit skylights, sloped glazing skylights, and custom skylights, we can manufacture it.

We can see WeeTect acrylic skylight use in commercial and residential applications. They can be used in libraries, machine shops, gymnasiums, reception rooms, lobbies, recreation rooms, and laboratories. Also, this is perfect in offices, drafting, classroom buildings, and other reading areas.

While in-home, it can be perfectly installed in locker rooms, washrooms, kitchens, dining areas, stairways areas, stockrooms, and baths. WeeTect Acrylic Skylights is suited for locations where extreme temperature variations. Whatever your applications, WeeTect Acrylic Skylights is the best choice for every skylight installation.

WeeTect Acrylic Skylights are utilized for various purposes. It serves as a daylighting material utilized to allow direct and/or indirect sunlight. It has the ability to pass sunlight through many angles. This also offers a clear visual connection to the outdoor environment to interior occupants. WeeTect Acrylic Skylights can block the majority of harmful UV rays and create a comfortable and healthy indoor environment for safety. For a sustainable building—ventilation for passive cooling and fresh air exchange, passive solar heating, and operable units; WeeTect Acrylic Skylights are used.

Certainly, your customers will appreciate WeeTect Acrylic Skylights. It has proven as high impact resistance, weather-resistant, lightweight, excellent light performance, and maintenance-free. Whether you`re a retailer, distributor, end-user, or wholesaler, you can rely on WeeTect!

WeeTect provides you the best technologically advanced processes to ensure 100% satisfying products. With comprehensive production capabilities, we offer drilling acrylic, thermoformable acrylic, acrylic polishing, laser-cut acrylic, anti-scratch coating, screen printing on acrylic, etc.

Whether you need an acrylic dome, acrylic signs, acrylic box, acrylic awards, or acrylic tube, WeeTect is the best provider. Aside from acrylic, WeeTect supports on design and production for custom products made in polycarbonate.

Send your specifications and idea, choose the material, and let WeeTect handle the manufacturing in our CE certificated laboratory. We perform strict quality control and after-sales services.

You will be totally amazed by our product designs and one-stop services. Let WeeTect help you to improve and boom your business project.

Contact now to know more about our WeeTect Acrylic Skylights and instantly receive a quote!

Our WeeTect Acrylic Skylights advantages:

  • Better-looking buildings/establishment – WeeTect Acrylic skylights which are clear and transparent enable natural sunlight to come in which increases the nice view and aesthetic appeal of a location. 
  • Reduce the use of artificial lighting – WeeTect Acrylic skylights can increase the energy efficiency of your space. This product allows natural sunlight to be utilized to light up a room and reduce the consumption of electricity.
  • Reduce the buildup of mold in damp areas 
  • WeeTect Acrylic skylights are easy to maintain and clean


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Acrylic Skylights Manufacturing Process

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