Acrylic Swimming Pool


Do you need a swimming pool with high-end design and features? Choose a swimming pool made of acrylic. This is one of the best materials used in making a swimming pool today.

When it comes to your acrylic swimming pool sourcing, why not purchase here in WeeTect? WeeTect is a high-tech company specialized in manufacturing a vast range of products made from acrylic especially for swimming pool applications.

Nowadays, swimming pools are very significant either you have one at your home, hotel, or offices. A lot of people enjoyed going to the swimming pool to relax and for entertainment as well. This is referred to as a big hole in the ground that has been manufactured and filled with water.

For your acrylic swimming pools various designs, colors, and sizes, we can manufacture it for you with great features and unique customizations to meet your expectations

WeeTect Acrylic Swimming Pool (WASP) is mostly used in a broad range of both indoor and outdoor locations to provide wall surface aesthetics and reinforcement. Our products are extremely versatile and provide luxurious and seamless advantages.

Unlike other materials, WeeTect Acrylic Swimming Pool (WASP) is more workable and moldable suitable for both machining and thermoforming. It can be built in just about any pool design and style you have in mind.

It is not also brittle like other materials such as glass. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about cracking easily or spider-webbing on your swimming pool wall surface. You don’t need to worry about maintenance because it`s easy to clean and maintain. It has impact-resistant, chemical resistant, and remains stunning for a long period of time.

WeeTect Acrylic Swimming Pool (WASP) gives a better light transmission of about 92% which allows incredible visibility and clarity. The high glossy nature and good color ability of acrylic sheets have also given it a distinctive identification.

Furthermore, for a better acrylic swimming pool, we have the comprehensive capabilities to surface treatments for your acrylic swimming pool including UV stabilizer, anti-fog coating, anti-reflective coating, anti-scratch coating, etc. These surface coatings are suitable because they help in improving the functionality and efficiency of this WeeTect Acrylic Swimming Pool (WASP).

To achieve the greatest and latest swimming pool trends, looking into WeeTect acrylic swimming pool is the right decision you made. With WeeTect acrylic swimming pool, you can experience instant high-style pool,

In China, WeeTect is famous for supplying second-to-none products and reliable service to customers worldwide. WeeTect supports on design and production of the acrylic swimming pool with 2 advanced laboratories that are CE compliant. To ensure great quality products, we thoroughly check and test it before the moving process.

Contact us today, we have highly trained staff willing to communicate with you to boom your business.

Reasons why you choose WeeTect acrylic swimming pool (WASP):

  • Durable and moldable
  • Allows light transmission
  • Same refractive index as water
  • High temperature resistant
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Very good chemical resistant
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