Acrylic Table Top


Tabletops made from acrylic are one of the cheapest and effective ways to shield your tabletops from any type of damage. It has an appearance exactly like glass and offers excellent protective covering to tabletops.

You can find durable yet cost-effective acrylic tabletops in WeeTect. Plenty of standard options are available in various sizes, shapes, designs, and finishes. Custom acrylic table tops are also accessible. Just simply send your specifications and we are happy to serve you to satisfy your needs.

WeeTect Acrylic Tabletops (WAT) save you from the trouble of purchasing new tables because it`s functional in a long run. It`s a sustainable way of protecting your furniture for a very long period of time. The user will be delighted because it has many advantages to provide.

It offers optical clarity and transparency better than glass or other material. When talking about high levels of temperature, WeeTect Acrylic tabletops can resist unfavorable temperature and is more thermal resistant than most polymers.

No need to worry, in case you drop tea, matchstick, hot coffee, or milk, it will not danger the acrylic tabletop. Compared to glass, it’s 17 times offer impact resistance that even if kids drop something heavy on the tabletop, it will not break or crack.

In terms of maintaining, WeeTect Acrylic Tabletops (WAT) are fairly easy to clean and leave no permanent stains. You can easily wipe off the stains or dust with a clean cloth. The acrylic sheet makes the tabletop shines with a spotless and clean look.

WeeTect Acrylic Tabletops (WAT) are tough and beautiful, ideal, and useful for indoor or outdoor applications in hotels, residential, or commercials residences.

WeeTect Acrylic tabletops` quality standout among others. We ensure 100% authenticated products received by clients. For many years in manufacturing acrylic and polycarbonate products, we guarantee a safe and high-quality solution.

Thanks to our skilled and professional engineers and designers we are capable of supplying you with the right one.  We have the best and advance technology, best fabrication equipment, and best process control under CE compliant facility.

We’ve done much research and development before manufacturing acrylic tabletops. We are trusted in this field and continuously gaining a good reputation in foreign and domestic markets.

Choose WeeTect – the right supplier and manufacturer for your acrylic tabletops business. Whether you`re a distributor, supplier, or retailer, WeeTect is always the best choice!

Easy deal with us to save money and effort. If you have some questions and clarifications about acrylic tabletops, just send your inquiries today, we have friendly staff willing to assist your project!

Our WeeTect Acrylic Tabletops (WAT) advantages:

  • Shatter Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • UV resistant
  • Light-weight and much more durable than glass
  • Excellent Optical Clarity and Transparency
  • Impact Resistance
  • Protect your furniture against scratches, dust particles, spills
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Acrylic Table Top Manufacturing Process

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