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Searching for a perfect acrylic tube for your applications? Search no more! Weetect is a one-stop solution provider that can take full responsibility and support your innovations for quality. We, WeeTect team can help you in choosing the most suitable acrylic tube. With our rich experiences and full capabilities in the production industry, you can truly depend on us.

WeeTect Acrylic Tube (WAT) is a very flexible product, more durable and strong. Made to last longer and is perfectly fitted for structural supports, storage containers, scientific equipment, and other applications. Structures with the support of durable acrylic tubes are proved to last for many years. Many engineers or architecture preferred using acrylic tubes in a lot of construction projects.

Thus, for WeeTect acrylic tube finish options, it is available in crystal clarity and smooth surface polish. Popular for its brilliance and excellent light transmission as well.

WeeTect strictly select high-quality acrylic material before using it to produce tubes. This material allows cost-effective and easy fabrication, with high flexibility, long-lasting, and has outstanding water resistance. Due to the material advantages, it can be easily welded, bonded, and fabricated by our professional production team.

As WeProFab joint-venture company, WeeTect can polish, custom, and laser-cut acrylic tubes precisely into your required sizes. We can laser cut acrylic tubes through our advanced mechanical technologies, produces different thicknesses and length of the products. Different series of acrylic tubes are also offered, including squared acrylic tube, colored acrylic tube, acrylic test tube, etc.

Meeting your needs is one of WeeTect ultimate missions. In every process, we think about your satisfaction. From design, manufacture, to delivery, we can guarantee products that will surely meet your expectations and your needed applications.

Your one-stop solution for your acrylic requirements. We also offer a wide range of products such as acrylic frames, acrylic dome, acrylic bathtubs, acrylic box and so on.

In WeeTect, our full capacities for plastic manufacturing will sufficiently support your needs. Here, you can get outstanding products and services by our advanced technology and strict quality management system on acrylic tube products.

Contact us for more information about WeeTect Acrylic Tube. 

Our WeeTect Acrylic Tube has many advantages, it includes:

  • Unique performance characteristics and smooth surface polish
  • Durable – Acrylic has superior physical and mechanical properties.
  • Excellent optical clarity – Provide excellent crystal clarity and light transmission
  • Weather resistance, long life span, and flexible
  • Ideal material for manufacturing products that require shaping and machining
  • Scratch-resistant – acrylic tubes can withstand scratches, compared to polycarbonate tubes. 
  • When exposed to UV radiation, acrylic tubes do not yellow easily. This remains in better condition for a long period of time


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Acrylic Tube Manufacturing Process

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