Acrylic Windshields


  Weetect in China is one of the famous manufacturers of the finest acrylic windshields. While in the production, we make sure to use durable acrylic material to create an excellent acrylic windshield. The reason behind why we choose acrylic material is because they are easy to fabricate compared to any kind of material.

  Weetect offered different kinds of acrylic windshields with integrated features, makes them flexible for countless uses. Its features include UV protection, breakage resistance, abrasion resistance, high-impact resistance, fog resistance, and so on.

  Certainly, all colors, types, and sizes of acrylic windshields from small to large are obtainable in Weetect. You can request your ideal design by contacting us. Customized acrylic windshields are surely given based on your specifications. To custom sizes, we cut them in-house or on-site with our standard equipment. In order to have a fast installation procedure, customization of sizes is necessary.

  However, you can use our unique acrylic windshields in the entire marine environment. These used as protection against breakages or impacts caused by hard stresses and screw holdings in this environment. So literally, acrylic windshields are created for motorcycle riders and boat builders.

  As a major acrylic windshields manufacturer, Weetect has rich experiences in regards to fabricating high-quality windshields. We carried broad acrylic windshield selections and inventory. You can choose from these selections at a very affordable price, ready to ship worldwide.

  In Weetect, we have skilled designers to create acrylic windshields from standard acrylic materials. They are widely knowledgeable about acrylics’ capabilities and benefits on your business development.

  Not only acrylic windshields, but we also proud to offer other acrylic products like a frosted acrylic rod, acrylic rod, an acrylic box with a lock, and many more. We have full confidence to ship and deliver and all your order products right on-time.

Directly message us now and get your ideal acrylic products to boom your business.

 WeeTect Acrylic Windshields (WAW) Benefits:

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Acrylic Windshields Manufacturing Process

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