WeeTect Successfully Multiplied Anti-fog and Hydrophobic Coating on the Same Hockey Visor

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Shanghai, China, July 19, 2017 – WeeTect, a global leader in manufacturing and designing helmet visors, today announced that they have successfully applied anti-fog coating and hydrophobic coating on the same hockey visors.


hockey visor manufacturer

This is yet, another significant milestone in protecting and ensuring safety of hockey players as required by the International Hockey Federation.

“We have formulated a technology that is effective, environmentally friendly and guarantees safety of all players,”

said Mr. Taylors Lei, WeeTect Product Manager.

“Using hydrophilic anti-fog coating and hydrophobic coating on the same visor has been my greatest challenge at WeeTect Material Ltd. so far.”

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The hydrophilic anti-fog coating will be on the inside, with the hydrophobic coating on the outside surface of the hockey visors.

It is a technology that aims to eliminate and prevent fogging on the inside while preventing contaminants on the outside surface of the hockey visors.

From today, this new technology will be open for the OEM markets.

This comes at a time WeeTect is in the process of expanding its anti-fog solution visors market to N. America and Europe.

Both hydrophobic coating and anti-fog coating are environmentally friendly ingredients whose working principle depends on molecular interaction.

This neither affects the hockey helmet visors nor players.

WeeTect hydrophilic coating on the hockey helmet visors prevent fogging by spreading water droplets into a very thin water film.

This film allows for optimal transmission of light without any distortion, refraction or loss of energy.

Therefore, hockey visors remain fog free irrespective of the fluctuations in both humidity and temperature.

Hydrophobic coating on the outside of hockey visors, depend on molecular interaction to protect the surface from water, oil, dust and other contaminants.

It ensures the outer surface of the helmet visor remains clear all the time.

By successfully multiplying anti-fog and hydrophobic coating on hockey visors, WeeTect aims to step-up its campaign to enhance safety.

The company will also be expanding this technology to other helmet visors and eye wear accessories before the end of the year.

About WeeTect

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WeeTect Material Limited manufacturers lens & visors for OEM businesses.

Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing a range polycarbonate coating solution.

It has a line of products such as: visors, photochromic lenses, face shields, welding helmets, mirrors and anti-fog solutions, with the most recent being the use of anti-fog and hydrophobic coating on hockey visors.

For more information:

Contact Person: Taylors Lei (Product Manager)

Email: sales@weetect.com

Phone: +86-1381-690-5765

Please visit: www.weetect.com/hockey-visor/

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