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When you live in a damp and cold country, even high-tech anti-fog sprays will not solve fogging problems in your motorcycle helmet visors.

It is even worse in longer and colder days than the normal winter. Most motorcyclists are forced to get alternative ways of transport.

Motorcycle helmet visor fog up and one can easily get blinded while at high speeds. This is not just annoying, but, really dangerous.

To control this problem, helmet visor manufacturers are investing in modern technology to make a permanent anti-fog solution against fogging.

So far, motorcyclists are convinced that anti-fog films and anti-fog coatings are a better alternative as opposed to sprays and homemade solutions.

Types of Anti-fog Coating and Anti-fog Film for Motorcycle Helmets

There are quite a number of anti-fog solutions available in the market. However, the only fundamental issue here, is the ability to choose one that eliminates fog completely.

May be you can opt for a particular brand, say WeeTect Anti-fog coating or WeeTect anti-fog film. Alternatively, you may choose one based on specific ingredients of an anti-fog products.

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For the purpose of this article, focusing on the basic ingredients will be a viable option. The trusted anti-fog solutions for motorcycle helmet visors is:

Hydrophilic Anti-fog Solutions For Helmet Visors

Motorcycle Helmet Visor

They eliminate fogging by maximizing surface energy of water. As a result, this reduces surface tension of water. Water droplets can, thus, spread into a thin-clear film.

Normally, this is a continuous film with no distortions.

This is not the case for water droplet or mist that cause fogging.

Water droplets have irregular shapes causing distortion and reduces light transmission. It obscures vision.

Super-hydrophilic films are also used to manufacture anti-fog coatings and anti-fog films.

They are considered more superior than the hydrophilic, anti-fog solution. This is due to their high affinity for water, hence, reducing surface tension of water faster.

Normally, they are suitable in applications where hydrophilic ingredients may be considered inferior.

Therefore, to determine an anti-fog solution that is suitable for your unique applications, you need to discuss this with your manufacturer.

Most of them do specify the exact regions where a specific product should be used.

This is based on the climate and weather conditions. Of course, this is from the fact that, its temperature and humidity that cause fogging.

The good thing about hydrophilic anti-fog solution is that, once you have applied the coating as recommended by the manufacturer, all you need is a simple maintenance process.

That is, adopt the recommended cleaning procedure.

Again, this is basically a one-time process. You will only have to apply it once and it will serve you for a long period of time.

No need to reapply it again as in the case of anti-fog sprays. It will most definitely save you a lot of time.


Fog is a natural phenomenon that can be eliminated completely on motorcycle helmet visors.

Based on scientific research, hydrophilic anti-fog coating is the best solution for motorcycle helmet visors.

Once you follow the recommended procedures, it will never disappoint you.

If you are facing fogging problem on your motorcycle helmet visors ,feel free to contact our support team .and any business cooperation ,we provide free sample worldwide .


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