Anti-Fog Solutions For Hockey Helmet Visors,Solve Fogging Problem of Hockey Visor Forever

anti fog hockey visor


It’s unfortunate that most hockey helmet visors are prone to fogging.

This not only limits vision, but also impairs judgment.

As a result, it may either result in injuries or poor performance in the game.

For this reason, it is a requirement that all hockey players must have visors with a permanent anti-fog solution.

This is outlined in various hockey safety guidelines by organizations such as Canadian Hockey League (CHL) and Hockey Equipment Certification Council (HECC).

Take for instance, 31% of facial injuries reported among hockey players occur during warm-ups.

It is at this time that most player deliberately decide not to use their visor.

To make it worse, an average of 49% facial injuries occurs in fielders.

This is attributed to poor vision caused by either fog or scratches on the visors.

Therefore, it is a requirement that all anti-fog solutions should have both anti-fog and anti-scratch ingredients.

Combining these two is crucial as it ensures that players are able to see clearly at all times.

hockey helmet with polycarbonate shields

Even though some players use anti-fog sprays, it seems to have been banned by some sports authorities.

It is because one cannot predict when it will actually be ineffective. Thus, a player can be exposed to a number of injuries.


Hockey ball flies at a very high speed – approximately 100km/hr. Failure to see it clearly can cause horrendous injuries. So, what could be the best solution to this problem?

Choose the right visor material

This should be based on the intrinsic properties of the specific material you intend to use.

Polycarbonate is a perfect choice for most hockey visors.

This is due to its high impact strength and shatterproof.

hockey helmet visor made of polycarbonate

A hockey player or coach should evaluate every material to ensure it meets the required criteria. Always refer to the CE, EN and ASTM standards.

hockey visor manufacturer

However, this material is inherently scratch or fog resistant. Hence, it crucial to opt for additives that can solve this problem.

Choosing The Right Anti-fog Coating or Anti-fog Film

In the modern manufacturing environment, it is possible to combine both anti-fog and anti-scratch coating.

That is, a film or coating may have both substrates.

It shouldn’t seem like a scenario where you will have either two coatings of films on hockey visor.

To eliminate fogging, anti-fog coating manufacturing companies opt for hydrophilic surfactants.

They are cost effective, efficient and easy to use.


That is, any moisture or mist that cause fogging will spread into a thin film.

Therefore, players can see clearly. Of course, you don’t need any wipes or other additive once you have a hydrophilic anti-fog coating.

People have argued that at times, this hydrophilic substrate gets saturated.

Yes, it does however, the moisture or mist here is not enough to saturate it. Even when it’s raining, the hockey helmet visor will still remain fog free.


In short, hockey is an entertaining game, however, inability to see clearly due to fog or scratches is dangerous.

This makes it prudent to invest in a permanent anti-fog solution with both anti-fog and anti-scratch components.

More importantly, all these must conform to the safety regulations.

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