WeeTect Anti Glare Film

WeeTect Anti Glare Film also called anti-reflective film is a Nano Polyester film with a permanent anti-reflective coating. It has superior anti-glare and anti-scratch properties with or without a self-adhesive retrofit.

WeeTect Anti Glare Film is suitable for anti glare film for cars, anti-glare film for storefront, ant glare film for TV, anti-glare film for windows, anti-glare film for lenses, anti-glare film for  monitors, laptop and tablet screens, and many more. You can import our anti glare film by roll, or with standard size.

WeeTect Anti Glare Film improves viewers’ visibility by diffusing harsh reflection on optical surfaces. Also, WeeTect Anti Glare Film offers superior impact resistance, anti-scratch resistance (H3) and optical clarity, amongst others.

Compared to other anti glare film suppliers, WeeTect Anti Glare Film conceals existing surface defects and is cost competitive.

With the WeeTect’s know how in anti-glare coating industry, we can help you remain competitive by being your OEM partner for the WeeTect Anti Glare Film. Whether for standard, custom or different thickness, WeeTect Anti Glare Film offers a perfect solution for all market niches.

Solve All Your Glare Problem with WeeTect Anti Glare Film

Anti-glare Film
Anti-glare Film for Mac
anti glare film for computer
anti glare film for ipad

Best Anti Glare Solution for Your Product

  • Self-adhesive WeeTect anti-glare film can be manufactured with self-adhesive, so your clients can easily to install the glare film on their screen surface
  • Solve all flat surface glaring  WeeTectAnti-Glare film can be installed directly to storefront windows, glass windows and any other flat surfaces with the glaring problem.
  • Anti Scratch Coating WeeTect anti-glare film can be applied with anti-scratch coating, so the film will be scratch resistant
  • Anti Fog Coating WeeTect is expert on anti-fog solution. We can apply the anti-fog coating on your anti-glare films if needed
  • UV resistant WeeTect anti-glare film or sheet can also be UV resistant, any function you want to add, WeeTect can always help you make that.

Why WeeTect Anti Glare Film

  • High impact resistance anti-glare film
  • Optical class 1 properties on each WeeTect anti-glare film
  • Anti-fog coating available (optional)
  • Easy to install and remove the anti-glare film on your surface
Optical Properties
Properties Method Unit Value
Refractive Index ISO 1183 g/cm³ 1.19
Total Light Transmittance ISO13468-1 % ≥87
Haze WGT-2S % 7±3
Physical Properties
Properties Method Unit Value
Pencil Hardness JIS5600 750g ≥3H
Wave Deflection 400*550mm ≤5mm
Scratch Resistance Steel wool #0000 No Change
Flexibility of Coated Layer 90° Bending No Change
Impact Strength : Ball Drop Test 36g / Steel Ball 50cm
Adhesive Strength ASTM D 3359 100/100 100/100
Temperature & Humidity Resistance 50℃×95%  ×72hrs No Change
Hot-Water Resistance 60℃×72hrs No Change
Heat Resistance 80℃×2hrs No Change
Chemical Resistance
Reagent Change in Appearance Value
Sulfuric Acid(10%) Change in Appearance No Change
Sodium Hydroxide(10%) Change in Appearance No Change
Cyclohexanone Change in Appearance No Change
Toluene Change in Appearance No Change
Ethyl alcohol Change in Appearance No Change
Item Property  Test Method  U/M Value
Mechanical Hardness 1KG ANSI Z87.1 2010 H 3
Abrasion Resistant ASTM D1044-13 & ASTM D1003-13 Procedure A gf/cm2 >=500
Thickness ISO 527 um 128+-2
Cross-Cut tape test ISO 527 NA 100/100
Bending Crack ISO 527 mm <=15
Optical Visible Light Transmittance ASTM D 1003 % >=89%
Haze ASTM D 1003 % 9+-1.5%

Anti Glare Film: The Ultimate Guide for Importers and Learners

Are you looking for high quality anti-glare film for general and specialized applications?

If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Because today I am going to introduce you to one of the WeeTect’s premier products – WeeTect Anti-Glare Film. It improves visibility by eliminating glare on optical surfaces.

I am going to explore a range of factors in this anti-glare film guide for importers and learners. Among the key things I will cover here include:

  • What is WeeTect Anti-Glare Film?
  • Best Material for Anti-Glare Film
  • How Anti-Glare Film Eliminate Reflection on Optical Surfaces
  • Other Coating Technologies on WeeTect Anti-Glare Film
  • Main Applications of Anti Reflective Film

By the end of this guide, you’ll be able to tell whether an anti-glare film is something you really need.

Now, let me quickly take you through this:

What is WeeTect Anti Glare Film?

Basically, this a Nano film with an anti-glare or AR coating.

In most cases, this coating is permanent and it binds to the Nano film. Also, this Nano film may come with or without a back adhesive for easier installation on optical surfaces.

Don’t worry, I will discuss what exactly this coating is later in this guide.

For, now, let’s come back to what WeeTect offers:

Our anti-glare film or anti-reflective coating features a Nano polyester film that has a thin anti-reflective coating.

We formulate this anti-reflective coating in our Foshan laboratory to ensure it meets the ISO 1183 standards alongside other quality test standards.

This is a very important standard for since, formulating the best anti-reflective coating is all about the ability to manipulate the refractive index of a surface.

Illustration on how anti-reflective coating eliminate harsh radiations that cause glare

Illustration on how anti-reflective coating eliminate harsh radiations that cause glare

You will also learn about that shortly.

At every stage, we strive to ensure that we have anti-glare film that is impact resistant and guarantees an optical class 1 surface.

What’s more?

You should expect even additional surface treatments upon requests such as anti-fog, anti-scratch and many more.

All these are to ensure every anti-glare film WeeTect makes protect people by ensuring safety.

I will take you through the various applications of anti-reflective coating shortly – keep reading.

WeeTect Anti-glare Film

WeeTect Anti-glare Film

At every stage in the manufacturing process, WeeTect adheres to a strict quality manufacturing process.

This produces a material with the superior anti-reflective coating that is easy to install and maintain.

So, what’s the bottom line here?

WeeTect anti-glare film is a Nano polyester film with a permanent anti-reflective coating, designed to eliminate harmful harsh reflections on optical surfaces.

This film comes with or without back adhesive and it may feature other coating technologies to improve the optical properties of surfaces,

But this is not all about this anti reflective film.

Let me take you a step further and discuss yet another important aspect that most anti-glare manufacturers don’t talk about.

Best Material for Anti-Glare Film

I believe you’d wish to have a superior material that will meet the dynamic needs of your unique applications.

So, what should you do?

It is important to know the material for:

  • Nano film
  • Coating solution

With this knowledge, you can choose an appropriate anti-reflective film that meets your unique application requirements.

At WeeTect, we use polyester material as the film and a range of AR coating solutions.

It will all depend on specific properties you want to have on the surface.

So basically, our anti-glare film will give all the freedom you need.

Having said, that, let now get to the bottom line of this matter.

· Polyester Material as a Nano Film

Many customers ask us this question every day and I am sure, you’re no exemption:

Why polyester and not any other material?

Chemical formula for polyester

Chemical formula for polyester – Photo Credits: ESSENTIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY

Polyester film

Polyester film

Our choice of Nano polyester material is based on years of research and experiments in our Foshan laboratory.

WeeTect Lab

At WeeTect, we recommend polyester (PET) film for most of our anti-glare films due to the following key reasons:

  • Ability to withstand high processing temperatures, especially when you use it as circuit layers. Even at these temperatures, it can be heat stabilized, thereby reducing possible shrinkage.
  • Better fatigue, crack and chemical resistance
  • Easy to cut to any size depending on the specific application requirements
  • High dielectric strength than polycarbonate sheet
  • High impact resistance
  • Better abrasion and chemical resistance properties, among other physical and chemical properties.

The point is:

You should expect excellent anti-glare performance when you opt for polyester as the primary material.

Please note that WeeTect can also offer other films with different anti-reflective coating solutions.

With WeeTect’s know how in the industry, we can also offer coating solutions upon request.

Just feel free to talk to us.

But, choosing an appropriate film alone is not enough – you need an appropriate anti-glare coating solution.

Keep reading to know the available options you can choose from.

· Anti-reflective Coating Solutions

As I stated earlier, WeeTect Anti-Glare Film is made of a permanent anti-glare coating, also called anti-reflective coating or AR coating.

For a fact, not all AR coatings can be suitable for all applications.

That is why you need to talk to us so that we can help you in choosing an appropriate anti-reflective coating solution.

These are some of the available options you can choose from:

  • Magnesium Fluoride (MgF2)
  • Zinc Sulfide as Anti-reflective Coating Substrate
  • Silicon Nitride Anti-reflection Coating
  • Yttrium  Fluoride  (YF2) AR Coating

The extent to which they reduce the degree of reflectance varies from one AR coating to another.

For instance, they may reduce reflectance from say 4% to 1.3%.

compare with and without anti glare coating

Besides, they are also suitable for different light wavelengths.

Take for example, you may go for Silicon monoxide for infrared wavelengths.

On the other hand, you can also go for either Yttrium Flouride or Magnesium Flouride to eliminate glare in the visible region.

Clearly, at WeeTect, we strive to give you a perfect solution that meets your unique needs in the industry.

Furthermore, these AR coatings are available as:

  • Single layer anti-reflective coating
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Absorbing AR coating
  • Gradient index AR coating
  • Circular polar coating

You can see the WeeTect anti-glare coating offers unlimited possibilities in the market.

WeeTect anti-glare coating

 Photo Credits: PHYS

Just in case you want to learn more about these anti-glare coatings, I have a comprehensive guide for you to learn from – here is the link: Anti-reflective Coating: Guide to Solve Glare Problem on your Product.

The bottom line?

The choice of appropriate Nano film and AR coating solution will determine the overall performance of these materials.

Apart from all these, here is yet another aspect that I’d like you to know.

But before that, I want you to watch this short video of WeeTect anti-glare film:

I am sure, you have an idea of what I have been talking about here.

Still, there is yet another critical point I need to explain here:

How Anti-Glare Film Eliminate Reflection on Optical Surfaces

Knowing that you have the best anti-glare coating is good.

However, knowing exactly how the anti-glare coating eliminate harmful radiations is even a better idea.

It helps in making appropriate decisions, especially for OEM anti-reflective coating clients.

Having said that, let’s dive right in:

I had mentioned earlier that our anti-glare film diffuses harsh reflections on optical surfaces.

As a result, you can see clearly through any surface with WeeTect anti-glare film.

Here is a good example:

Speedometer with an anti-glare film

Speedometer with an anti-glare film

I am sure this is the question you could be asking yourself:

How is this possible?

I will explain…

Whenever you look at an optical surface, in most cases, you will see some reflections on them.

Alternatively, you may also see a reflection of your eyes when wearing glasses.

Normally, it is this reflection that causes glare thereby preventing you from seeing other objects clearly.

When you use anti-reflective film, it will cancel out all harmful radiations that cause glare.

It does this by either absorbing or bending the reflected light.

As a result, the film will allow more light to pass through the surface and this will make you see clearly through the surface.

Of course, I don’t want to take you through the tiresome calculations here – it is beyond the scope of this guide.

But still, I want you to compare these surfaces so that you can see exactly what I am talking about:

Surface with and without AR coating

Surface with and without AR coating

Again, to maintain high quality standards, we have adopted strict quality measures when applying the anti-reflective coating on Nano polyester material.

At every stage, we put into account that the following factors affect the degree of light transmission:

  • Wavelength
  • Angle of incident
  • Substrates angle of refraction
  • Thickness of the AR coating

So, in every process, we strive to have a very thin layer of anti-reflective coating on Nano polyester material.

It is so thin that it does not affect the normal light transmission.

The process involves a series of calculations, which I will not discuss here.

However, you can review these two to have an idea of what I am talking about here:

Another truth is that the process of applying anti-glare coating is not just a simple process.

Here at WeeTect, we have adopted the most advanced coating technique for all our anti-glare films.

We control every stage to get a high quality coating that meets the industry standards.

Let me give you a quick highlight of what we do to make an anti-glare film:

  • Prepare the Nano polyester film where we want to apply the AR coating
  • Clean and inspect the surface to be sure that it is free from scratches
  • Actual process of applying anti-reflective coating using appropriate machine
  • Testing the quality of the anti-reflective coating

So, what does this imply?

WeeTect Anti-glare film must pass high quality testing standards and will never disappoint you in any way.

This is due to the unique coating techniques and quality testing processes.

And by the way, as you can see from WeeTect anti-glare film data sheet, you will see that our films must pass the following key tests:

  • Optical tests which include refractive index, total light transmittance and haze tests
  • Physical properties tests and these include pencil hardness, wave deflection, scratch resistance, flexibility of coated layer, impact strength, adhesive strength, temperature, humidity, hot water and heat resistance tests.
  • Chemical resistance tests which include sulfuric acid (10%), sodium hydroxide (10%), cyclohexanone, toluene, ethyl alcohol, etc.

All this is to ensure that our anti-reflective film meet high standards at all times.

But, as a company that focuses on eyewear safety, we acknowledge the fact that glare is not the only problem that blurs vision.

We can also include other coating technologies upon request.

This is to make all our anti-glare films versatile and adaptable to nearly all optical applications.

So, let’s see what more WeeTect offers.

Other Coating Technologies on WeeTect Anti-Glare Film

As I mention earlier, at WeeTect, we have years of experience in different coating technologies that improve vision by achieving an optical class 1 surface.

Again, it is a fact that glare alone cannot guarantee an optical class 1 surface.

This is why WeeTect anti-glare film, features other coating technologies.

From our product data sheet, you can see that WeeTect Anti-Glare Film features high quality scratch resistant properties.

Furthermore, you may also request for anti-fog coating.

Of course, these may also include other treatments such as UV resistance, photochromic, tinted, etc.

However, for the scope of our anti-glare film, I will focus on the following:

· Anti-scratch Resistant Coating on Anti-glare Film

Our anti-glare film features a scratch resistant coating.

This ensures that the surface remains free from any form of scratches.

Therefore, you can use it in areas that with high traffic.

A good example is on the display panels in merchandise stores that are constantly being opened by users.

Normally, we use a H3 grade coating that ensures surface remains scratch free.

A surface with anti-scratch coating

A surface with anti-scratch coating

In case you want to learn more about our WeeTect anti-scratch solution, here is a complete guide for you: Anti-scratch Coating (the Complete Scratch Resistant Solution for Plastic Products).

· Anti-fog Coating on Anti-glare Film

At WeeTect, we use hydrophilic anti-fog coating which depends on molecular interaction to eliminate the fogging phenomenon on surfaces.

This is an eco-friendly coating that we can also apply to anti-glare films upon request.

Such films are common in most merchandise stores more so refrigerators.

You can see this in the video below:

Again, in case you want to learn more about our anti-fog solutions, you can follow this link: Anti-fog Coating: The Ultimate Guide to Solving Your Fogging Problem on Plastic Product.

So, what’s the bottom line here?

Our anti-glare film with anti-scratch resistant and anti-fog coating is a multipurpose film designed for many applications.

It guarantees an optical class 1 surface by eliminating:

  • Glare
  • Fog
  • Scratches

This is one of those films I can recommend for your daily applications.

And by the way, in case you want another coating technology in addition to these, feel free to contact our team. You’re the reason we are here.

Now that I have shared some of the most critical aspects of WeeTect anti-glare film, here is why you need it.

Benefits of Anti-glare Film

Since you now know what WeeTect offers when it comes anti-reflective film, I want to take you through various benefits that this material offers.

Comparing two surfaces with and without anti-reflective coating

Comparing two surfaces with and without anti-reflective coating

Of course, before I wrap up this guide, you’ll know the various applications of anti-glare film.

For now, let’s go straight to the key benefits of WeeTect anti-glare film:

· It reduces Eye Strain Thus Improving Vision

I am sure you’re aware of how harmful reflections can be to your eyes. What about if you can find something to eliminate it?

That is exactly what WeeTect anti-glare film offers.

WeeTect has formulated a film that is reliable, functional and handy when it comes to eliminating all the harmful reflections.

Our AR coating eliminates all reflections, allowing a sufficient amount of light to pass through.

As a result, this improves vision and you will not experience any form of eye strain.

· Anti-glare Film Guarantees Safety

When it comes to a point where you cannot see clearly, obviously, the chances of getting involved in accidents are quite high.

It is for this reason that you need an anti-reflective film.

This film will eliminate possible reflections that will blind or blur vision.

With our anti-reflective film, you can go about all your activities without worrying about reflections or glare.

How about Getting some Film that Enhances Appearance? We have it at WeeTect.

By eliminating glare or reflections on surfaces, there is one thing that you’re sure of – an improved perception and appearance.

You’ll definitely realize an enhanced aesthetics in every object.

Our anti-glare films make optical surfaces somehow invisible.

When Consolidated with Other Coating Technologies, they Improve Durability and Quality

Do you remember what I said earlier?

Here at WeeTect, we can include other coating technologies such as anti-scratch, anti-fog, UV resistant, etc.

All these technologies not only aim to improve the optical properties of surfaces but also improve durability and lifespan of surfaces.

For instance, an anti-scratch coating will protect the film from any possible scratches.

Therefore, your film will remain free from scratches hence, you can use it for a long time.

AR Coating on Film Provide Better UV Protection

We all need 100% protection from ultraviolet radiation.

Remember, reflections and glare also form part of these harmful radiations.

Therefore, it is important to get a coating that can eliminate reflection and glare.

This is why WeeTect anti-glare film provides a perfect solution to this problem.

Now I believe you can see why we need a high-quality Anti-glare film for your applications.

With all these, let’s now move to our last stage and explore the key applications of anti-glare film.

Main Applications of Anti Reflective Film

As you will see in this section, the anti-reflective film plays an integral role in many applications.

Honestly, I can’t list all of them here, but instead the main focus will be on just 11.

Anti-glare Film for Monitor

Computer monitors may produce glare and reflections that can be harmful to your eyes.

It is therefore important to have an anti-glare film for monitors to remain safe all the time.

Monitor with anti glare film

Monitor with anti glare film

Anti glare Film for TV

Like monitors, your TVs need an anti-glare film too.

This is why you need an anti-glare film for TV to watch your favorite programs without worrying about glare or reflections.

Anti-glare film for TV

Anti-glare film for TV

Anti-glare Film for Windows

In case you want to maintain the aesthetic value or improve on the appearance of your windows, it is important to invest on high quality anti-glare film for windows.

Windows with anti-glare film

Windows with anti-glare film

Anti glare Film for Cars

To remain safe on the roads, you need anti-glare film for cars.

This way, even the lights from the oncoming car will not affect you.

Effects of glare at night

Effects of glare at night

Anti glare Film for Laptop Screen

Do you know the light from your laptops can be harmful to your eyes?

Yes, that is a fact you cannot run away from and it’s for this reason that I recommend an anti-glare film for laptop screen.

Anti-glare for laptop screen

Anti-glare for laptop screen

Anti-glare Film for Tablets

Like other electronics, tablets to require an anti-glare film. They help to improve the sharpness of images.

Anti-glare film for tablets

Anti-glare film for tablets

Anti glare Film for Car Windshield

Car windshield without an anti-glare film can be dangerous. They can cause accidents since you will not be able to see clearly.

Surface with and without anti-glare film

Surface with and without anti-glare film

Anti glare for Car Windows

Like other optical surfaces, installing anti-glare for cars will also improve visibility.

Besides, it will reduce possible accidents that may occur due to poor visibility.

Anti glare for Car Windows

Photo Credit: QUORA

Anti glare Film for Storefront

Do you want to increase sales?

Well, your best secret is to install anti-glare film on your storefront.

This way, all your customers will see the products clearly without the interference of any form of reflections.

Anti-glare film on storefront

Anti-glare film on storefront

Anti glare Film for Glasses

As you can see from the image below, having anti-glare film for glasses will obviously improve visibility by eliminating possible eye strain.

Anti glare Film for Glasses

Photo Credits: COOLWINKS

Anti glare Film for Lenses

Even on instrument lenses, glare or reflection can be the main cause of errors and inaccuracies.

This is why it is important to have anti-glare film for lenses to improve visibility.

Anti-glare for instrument lenses

Anti-glare for instrument lenses

As I indicated earlier, these are just a few applications of anti-glare film in both domestic and industrial applications.

Here at WeeTect, we offer cost competitive and high quality anti-glare films that come in different sizes such as standard and custom sizes.

They also come in different thickness.

At any given point, we strive to ensure that all our customers get the best from our innovative WeeTect anti-glare films.

Here is the point:

It’s time to eliminate all glare and reflection that could impair vision.

We have a modern and effective anti-glare film and we have now opened the door for OEM too.

Contact us today, and our team will be ready to offer free consultations on anti-glare film.

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Question/ Answer

What is anti glare film

Anti-glare film is a special film to install on screen or window surface to solve the glaring problem.

Anti glare film applications

anti glare film for monitor
anti glare film for tv
anti glare film for windows
anti glare film for cars
anti glare film for laptop screen
anti glare film for tablets
anti glare film for car windshield
anti glare for car windows
anti glare film for storefront
anti glare film for glasses

Can we apply other technology on the anti glare film

Yes, of course. WeeTect can apply the anti fog coating, anti scratch coating, UV coating, photochromic coating on your anti glare film.

What kinds of anti glare coating WeeTect provide
  • Single layer anti-reflection coating
  • Multi-layer anti-reflective coating
  • Absorbing AR coating
  • Gradient index AR coating
  • Circular polarizer
Benefits of WeeTect Anti-glare Polycarbonate Sheet and Film
  • Improves vision
  • Guarantees safety
  • Improves the aesthetic value of objects
How to get a free sample of WeeTect anti glare film

if you want to get a free sample of WeeTect anti glare film, just contact us at sales@weetect.com, and tell us your detailed applications, sample size requested etc. Our support team will contact with you as soon as possible.

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