Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheets


Are you looking for the most excellent engineered bulletproof polycarbonate sheet? You can find it in WeeTect. As the leading polycarbonate sheet manufacturer in China, we can produce a wide range of bulletproof polycarbonate sheet for security and additional protection level.

The polycarbonate Sheet material is the best form of bulletproof sheeting. It`s extremely high resistance and offers superior strength compared to other materials like glass.

WeeTect Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet (WBPS) is a transparent component that permits light transmission of up to about 94%. It is a multilayer laminated polycarbonate sheet fabricated to exceed all vital security requirements regarding the forced entry and ballistic impact.

It has an ideal thickness of at least 3.5mm. But can be custom-built dependent on the design of the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet preferred by customers. We can also provide custom cut options for your bulletproof polycarbonate sheets. A variety of standard sizes, designs, and thicknesses are also available.

A bulletproof polycarbonate sheet from WeeTect is an advanced version of a bullet-resistant sheet. It provides a higher level of strength, depending on the desired thickness you required.

You can choose to use WeeTect Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet (WBPS) as highly sensitive applications that emphasize the sensitivity of security details such as military, government establishments, building and construction, jewelry shops, automotive industry, and most embassies for security reasons.

Necessarily, the engineering model of WeeTect bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is purposely made to absorb the energy of bullets upon impact. It will never crack. It can withstand a forceful projectile, bullets, or stones as many times as possible without breaking or cracking.

In terms of flexibility, the bulletproof polycarbonate sheet from us stands out. We can easily mold a bulletproof polycarbonate sheet and fabricate it using different techniques to suit your needs.

Aside from the superior strength qualities of our bulletproof polycarbonate sheets, we can also add other unique advantages. It can be abrasion resistance, UV protection, weather resistance, and so on.

You don’t need to worry about the maintenance, because bulletproof polycarbonate sheet is easy to clean and maintain.

WeeTect is also specialized in manufacturing abrasion/UV polycarbonate sheet, scratch-resistant polycarbonate sheet, frosted polycarbonate sheet, and many more.

As one of the leading plastic sheet manufacturers in China, we obtained a lot of certifications like CE, ISO 9001, SGS, RoHS, and more.

In our factory, we have an advanced polycarbonate sheet production line and an in-house plastic fabrication factory which is CE compliant.

Trust WeeTect! Whether, you need bulletproof polycarbonate sheets or need to custom any polycarbonate product, WeeTect can always fulfill your requirements.

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WeeTect Bulletproof Polycarbonate Sheet (WBPS) advantages:

  • Provides supreme strength
  • Offer excellent UV protection
  • Easy to clean, maintain
  • Highly durable
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Resistant to wide-ranging chemical, environmental, and mechanical elements.
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