WeeTect Developed Super Good Looking Chrome Coated Racing Helmet Visors

mirror helmet visor

Shanghai, China, August 28, 2017 – WeeTect, a leading manufacturer of helmet visor coating technologies, announces its new generation of chrome coated racing helmet visors.

mirror helmet visor

This chrome coating guarantees an optical class 1, with the visible light transmission (VLT) varying from 7% to 80%.

WeeTect has developed a wide range of high grade chrome coating technologies for low to extremely bright light applications.

These range from locust, smoke grey to fire chrome.

“Developing this super good looking chrome coating is a sure way to skyrocket any helmet visor business and WeeTect provides an ultimate solution,” said Taylors Lei, WeeTect Product Manager.

“We use chrome coating alongside our military grade technologies, which are now open to all OEM clients.”

Chrome coated racing helmet visors are based on years of R&D, in the WeeTect Foshan Laboratory.

WeeTect Lab

Also, WeeTect can customize chrome coating for other applications such as motorcycle, hockey and football helmet visors, among other applications.

Since WeeTect has the know-how in chrome coating technology for helmet visors, it provides other advanced formulations for different market niches.

In addition to this, WeeTect may consolidate it with other technologies to improve the optical properties of the chrome coated racing helmet visors.

Fogging being a major problem, WeeTect uses hydrophilic anti-fog coating on the inside surface face.

hydrophilic (surface a) and hydrophobic surfaces


Others may include head up display (HUD), ballistic, radiant heat resistant, hydrophobic coating or shatterproof.

Depending on the specific applications of the chrome coated racing helmet visors, WeeTect may adopt basic, upgraded or military functions.

With these, OEM business can easily custom make any helmet visor to their unique specifications.

At every stage, WeeTect chrome coated racing helmet visor must pass strict quality control (QC) procedures.

This ensures the helmet visors conform to the American and European standards.

WeeTect has already supplied these new generations of chrome coated racing visors to the global market.

Furthermore, it intends to expand its cooperation with other global companies.

About WeeTect

WeeTect Material Limited manufacturers lens & visors for OEM businesses.

Since 1993, the company has invested in R&D, producing many polycarbonate coatings.

anti fog polycarbonate sheets

The company has invested in a wide range of helmet visor technologies to provide basic, upgrades to military functions.

With its state-of-the-art laboratory in Foshan, WeeTect conducts strict quality control (QC) tests, which conform to ECE standards.

Contact info:

Name: Taylors Lei (Product Manager)

Email: sales@weetect.com

Phone: +86-1381-690-5765

Website: https://www.weetect.com

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