Clear Acrylic Box


  Weetect Clear Acrylic Box (WCA) is very useful and elegant at the same time. Our team makes sure to manufactured clear acrylic box from pure and solid crystal clear acrylic which ideal for keeping important objects for different instances. We double-check the durability and quality of every clear acrylic box we offer to our valued customers. So please allow the Weetect team to assist you in the entire fabrication process.

  Our series of clear acrylic box comes from various thicknesses, sizes, colors, and designs. Not just that, in terms of designs lots of features and styles for the clear acrylic box are highly presented.

  All our clear acrylic box is quality guaranteed. These are also made dustproof, perfect to use in displaying cosmetics, jewelry, good also for storing and packing any goods, etc. Additionally, it has an anti-fingerprint stains coating, an anti-scratch, and an anti-fog. That’s why, it`s more preferred in trade shows, exhibits, and other important events.

  You can guarantee weatherproofed, heat resistant, and chemical resistant acrylic products only here at Weetect.

  As one of the reliable and trusted producers, Weetect provides satisfying products and services to every customer not only in China but also worldwide.

 Since acrylic is very popular in the global market, whenever you`re looking for a clear acrylic box, Weetect is the perfect solution provider for your acrylic needs. No need to worry since we make sure all our acrylic products are made from the finest quality materials.  

  What`s more, the best thing about our clear acrylic box is that it`s unique and useful to different ways of applications. Expect it will give dazzling and amazing looks to your displayed products. This surely catches the attention of your customers.

  When it comes to a reliable manufacturer that can boom your brand, always choose the best, for short choose Weetect! Our expert team always focuses on the interest of each customer. We can help you achieve your desired acrylic products for your business.

  Not only a clear acrylic sheet, but we can also provide a clear acrylic sheet, acrylic gift boxes, acrylic jewelry box, acrylic ring box, and so on.

  Weetect promises to cater to all your clear acrylic box demands!

  For your questions regarding our clear acrylic box and other related products, better contact us today!

WeeTect Clear Acrylic Box Advantages:

  • Incredible Durability
  • Superior Weather Resistance
  • Shatter- and Break Resistant
  • Good Scratch Resistant
  • Weighs 50% less than glass
  • Stronger than Glass
  • Easy to Clean


More Details

Clear Acrylic Box Manufacturing Process

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