Clear Polycarbonate Sheet


Are you looking for the best clear polycarbonate sheets? We got you covered! Here in WeeTect, you can find and get the most suitable polycarbonate sheet for your project.

As a leading clear polycarbonate sheets manufacturer in China, we guarantee the best product at the best quality and price. You can obtain this kind of sheet without experiencing any defect or damage in the long usage.

WeeTect Clear polycarbonate sheets (WCPS) have become a very popular choice for the manufacturing of numerous products today. It is classified as a better alternative to glass sheets, due to its durability and resistance to many elements.

It can absorb minimum moisture, which makes it possible to withstand the damage from water as well as impact damage. You can also combine our clear polycarbonate sheets with flame retardant materials because it has excellent heat-resistance capabilities without considerable material deterioration.

WeeTect Clear polycarbonate sheets (WCPS) is a durable thermoplastic with high impact strength and comes in a transparent sheet. This offers you consistent clarity that allows high transmission of light.

For instance, clear polycarbonate sheets are available in various sizes, thicknesses, colors, shapes and designs. Just send your requirements on your next clear polycarbonate sheets today.

Here in WeeTect, we can produce a wide range of items using clear polycarbonate sheets such as polycarbonate signs, covered passageways, polycarbonate skylights, enclosure, window glazing, helmet visors, aerospace, riot shields, machinery guards, and other products wherein transparency is essential.

Whether you`re in need triple wall clear polycarbonate sheet, frosted glossy matte clear polycarbonate sheet, 5mm clear polycarbonate sheet, hard-coating clear polycarbonate sheet, or corrugated clear polycarbonate sheet, WeeTect is the best manufacturer you`ll ever had.

Contact us today to know more about our clear polycarbonate sheet.

Benefits when using our WeeTect Clear Polycarbonate Sheet (WCPS):

  • Advanced insulation
  • Heat resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Light diffusion and UV protection
  • Extremely durable and pliable
  • Save amount of money and efficiency


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