Colored Acrylic Sheets


  Are you struggling in finding versatile and durable colored acrylic sheets? Weetect has the solution you need. You can find a lot of options for colored acrylic sheets which are ideal for different applications. Here, 50 standard colors are available for you to choose from. It also comes together with unique finishes and a high transparency level.

  Our ranges of colored acrylic sheets are so useful in various industrial implementations. But first, it was produced through molding or thermoforming. These processes can make the material be available in new shapes. Expected after the process, the produced products will be used widely in different fields.

  Chemical processing, defense, and aerospace, printed circuits, marine, and electronics are some involved fields where our colored acrylic sheets are useful. Wherever application and whenever you need some of the reliable colored acrylic sheets, Weetect is the best manufacturer you can fully trust.

   These colored acrylic sheets are also a perfect choice in your outdoor and indoor crafts projects. Since it offered outstanding performances and unique physical features, many clients prefer this item. Higher weather-resistance, impact resistance, and UV protection are some of its features. Plus, it possessed toughness, durability, and dimensional stability while keeping its lightweight.

  What`s more, Weetect colored acrylic sheets can be cut into different sizes depending on your required measurements.  Colored acrylic sheets 48 x 96, ½ inch thick colored acrylic sheet, and ¼ inch colored acrylic sheet are common sizes available now. Through using the laser cutting method, smooth edge finishes for colored acrylic sheets surely achieved. We can also manufacture any polycarbonate or acrylic sheets in specific designs you need.  

  As one of the leading colored acrylic sheet providers in China, Weetect has the total capability to manufacture sheets with a complete line of colors. So if ever you`re not sure about what sheet color suited for your applications, we have a customer-oriented team to guide you.

Contact us freely if you need more info about Weetect colored acrylic sheets.

Weetect Colored Acrylic Sheets Benefits:

  • Extreme Moisture- and UV-resistant
  • Superior Weather-resistance
  • Highly Transparent and Tough
  • Easier to Bond and Fabricate
  • Easier to Install
  • Super Fog-free
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Colored Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Process

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