Corrugated Acrylic Sheet


  Expect a faster boom when Weetect Corrugated acrylic sheet is added for a business. Weetect is also the best manufacturer you could ask for help when choosing the right one for your application. We already spent many years in the industry so Weetect can totally guarantee quality products and services.

  Weetect Corrugated acrylic sheets are manufactured of 3 layers of acrylic, one wavy and two flat. And both perfect to use as rooftops for garden sheds, garages, and so on. If you have questions regarding our corrugated acrylic sheets, you finally come to the right manufacturer.

  Our team is capable and well experienced in forming corrugated acrylic sheets in different shapes, sizes, and amounts. We depend on your given specifications, then, we act excellently and perform well in the production process. One of our goals is to attain customer satisfaction and trust.

   As a leading expert manufacturer, Weetect created corrugated acrylic sheets with outstanding features like yellowing-resistant, UV protection, flame retardant, abrasion-resistant, and so on. We make sure to provide corrugated acrylic sheets with strong UV rays protection because if not protected, the following damages surely occur. So it`s our duty to make them safer to use, lightweight, and of excellent quality.

  Our version of the corrugated acrylic sheet has superb brilliance. It is also a popular product for its fashionable aspects and stylish properties. That`s why most of our customers choose corrugated acrylic sheets to add for business.

  Plus, these are available in custom colors including white corrugated acrylic sheets, bronze corrugated acrylic sheets, and many more. So if you ask for a specific color, you can totally rely on the professional Weetect team. Different finishes in any quantity orders, Weetect are very capable.

  We used our advanced technology machines to provide quality guaranteed and attractive corrugated acrylic sheet. We want to meet your expectations every time you`re with us, so for your next purchase, allow Weetect to be your number 1 provider.

  Enquire now and expect a fast response from our team!

Weetect Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Advantages:

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Corrugated Acrylic Sheet Manufacturing Process

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