Curved Acrylic Panel


Weetect Curved Acrylic Panels (WCAP) is manufactured by bending the acrylic sheet into your preferred shape. Acrylic sheet is a flexible component that we can bend according to your applications.

WeeTect curved acrylic panels are popular and broadly used in homes, offices, restaurants, and similar locations. We can create and form new products using curved acrylic panels including aquariums, windows, stairs, baths, greenhouse panels, windscreens, art and craftwork, home furniture, rooftops, etc.

For your custom curved acrylic panels, you can trust WeeTect. We have full capabilities in fabricating your curved acrylic panels with various thicknesses, sizes, shapes, colors, and other specifications.

As a professional curve acrylic panel manufacturer in China, we offer clear, frosted, decorative panels, and more. Plus, we can add custom design, text, and images, or other promotional messages according to your detail.

This product offers several advantages. It provides better versatility and good stress-resistance. Compared to glass, curved acrylic panels are light-weight and offer better optical clarity. An ideal panel with a strong structure to support and resist harsh environmental circumstances.

Of course, you can wash the curve acrylic panels easily. It does not require much maintenance and can last for a longer years.

Our series of curved acrylic panels is highly recommended in both domestic and foreign markets. The unique bent of our curved acrylic panels will not crack nor fade like other materials. Premium quality curve acrylic panels from WeeTect will surely skyrocket your business.

WeeTect has more than 20 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing curved acrylic panels. All our products are checked and tested thoroughly before the moving process. It conforms to the latest quality standards like CE, UL, ISO9001, etc.

Our full capabilities include curved acrylic panels thermoforming, panel bonding, curved acrylic panels polishing, etc.

Always count for WeeTect, when it comes to your curved acrylic panel needs. We guarantee safe, durable, and effective products that can meet your standards. Get the finest-quality curve acrylic panel yet cost-effective only on WeeTect.

Whether you`re in need of a curve acrylic stairs panel, curve acrylic roof panels, curve acrylic bath panels, or curved acrylic greenhouse panels, you can depend on WeeTect!

For your orders, please contact WeeTect now! No doubt, you can ensure the best result.

Weetect Curved Acrylic Panels (WCAP) advantages:

  • Superior durability
  • Stress resistance
  • Offer better transparency than glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective
  • Optical Quality
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Curved Acrylic Panel Manufacturing Process

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