Custom Your Visor with WeeTect

WeeTect is a military background visor manufacturer, who holds all know-how to support you to develop your own high quality visors.


Visor 3D Drawing Drafting

WeeTect can do 3D scanning with your sample, draft 3D drawing, do optical correction, produce transparent RP sample.


Perfect Visors to Skyrocket Your Business

With military background and decades of experience, WeeTect can make perfect visors for you from military to consumer levels.

Technologies That Can be Applied on Your Visor

Anti Fog Visor

WeeTect can do anti-fog coating and cure on your visor, which boasts one of the best all over the world

Hydrophobic Visor

A hydrophobic coating technology for water repellent, easy clean of dirt, oil, fingerprint, etc

HUD Visor

A technology translated from fighting pilot visor with specific reflective coating for augmented reality

Ballistic Visor

Laminated or made from high impact resistant resin with special controlled processed

Optical Injection Visor

Injection molding after optical correction, optical polishing and special controlled processes

Tinted Visor

Custom colors based on your specification to get tinted visors to fulfill your customers

Photochromic Visor

Could be photochromic coating or a co-moulded photochromic layer, turn to dark under UV ray

Iridium Coating Visor

An iridium coating technology on anti-fog anti-scratch visors for different mirrored fashion colours.

Anti Scratch Visor

The great anti-scratch coating on your visor for better scratch resistance, compliant with ECE22.05.

UV Resistant Visor

Make you visor to be UV resistant to filter harmful UV ray, in order to protect your eye and face.

We’ll Help You Custom Visors for Any Application

Military Application
  • Augmented Reality Helmet Visor
  • Pilot Visor
  • Laser Reflective Pilot Visor
  • Riot Face Shield
  • Ballistic Face Shield
  • Combat Helmet Visor
  • Tactical Helmet Visor
Industrial Applications
  • Anti Fog Anti Scratch Window Display Lens
  • Firefighter Helmet Visor
  • Full Face Respiratory Visor
  • Safety Face Shield
  • UV Face Shield
Consumer Application
  • Motorcycle Helmet Visor
  • Football Visor
  • Hockey Visor
  • Goggles Lens
  • Snowmobile helmet heated shield
  • Electric Tinting Helmet Visor
  • Bionic Face Shield
  • Bubble Visor
  • Lacrosse Helmet Visor
  • Training Helmet Visor
  • Bicycle Helmet Visor
  • skydiving visor
  • Surfing Helmets Visor

Custom Your Visor with WeeTect

The Ultimate Guide on How WeeTect Custom Your Visor

If you have a Pro-E 3D drawing of your visor already, we can do the optical correction for you.

If not, you can send us your handmade sample or even demo instruction document about your idea and application.

We can draft 3D drawing for you with a certain charge.

Then, we can make an RP sample to you for the fitting test.

When the sample is approved, we can kick off for hard tooling production.

Then we can submit injected visor sample to you for final approval.

After approval, we can go for mass production.

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